The Death Rattle

The Death Rattle:

After milling about in his room for hours, David finally decided to take off his equipment that he was wearing on the assault of Area 51. Blood smeared his armour and weapons, not to mention his clothing and boots and face. Upon taking off his armour, David realized he still had two objects with him. The General’s severed hand that still glowed with radiant life magic, and the peculiar rattle that David had found in the Area 51 storage facility.

David took this time to examine the small rattle. It was black, small, and had strange gold script written all over it. But most importantly, the object was fiercely radiating necrotic magic of extreme power. A normal person would be freaked out by holding such an object, a thing he heard someone call, “The Ebbie Jeebies.” David didn’t know what the ebbie jeebies were, but it was irrelevant; these things really didn’t bother David.

David held the rattle, took a deep breath as he connected his sorcery to it. Suddenly he felt a warm sensation, like when you take a seat that someone had been sitting in moments before. He got an image, that spread all around him. He was in the woods at night, around a large campfire that was glowing and flickering in the mild breeze. There were shapes of people around him dancing around the campfire. There was no emotion oddly attached to the imagery, and no sound either. Just flickering orange firelight on blurry faces in a circle. Then suddenly there was a whisper in David’s ear. It wasn’t a frightening whisper, nor was it hostile. But oddly enough the whisper was like the words from a wise old man that had seen a great deal in life.

The voice said, “You have the gift. Do not waste it on trifles and politics of the simple man. Do not follow in the courses of evil that corrupt lesser men. Seek the truth, and be at peace, as the dark night is forever at peace.”

“Who are you?” David whispered back.

The voice chuckled. “You are still innocent. You must remember that. Treasure the gift. Be patient. Time shall reveal all things, and regardless of what happens you will be fine.”
The visions then simply vanished.

David stood there a moment. He felt as though he had spoken to his father after confronting him with a moral issue. A tear swelled in David’s eyes, and it fell to his right hand. David looked down, and the tear had landed on the General’s hand that he had been holding. The radiant energy in the hand began to grow. The hand began to grow. First it became an arm, then rapidly the arm became a torso. A head, another arm, and two legs. Suddenly the General was standing in front of David. A perplexed and weary look upon his face.
The man collapsed.

David reached out and caught the General before he hit the marble floor. The sorcerer brought the man to his own bed, and laid him down there, quickly covering his naked form. “General?” David asked.

The man wearily looked over at David. “You are the tattooed alien.” The General began weakly, pointing a finger at David.

“Yes! You recognize me. I’m not sure how this is possible. You are not dead.”

“I was dead. Why did you set my head on fire?” The General asked.

David threw both arms up in the air. “That was NOT me! That was Lina, or the Fire God or some shit like that. Who the fuck knows? It wasn’t my idea to kill you. We just needed information to save our Universe.” David squinted for a second. He wondered if this was indeed the real General and he used both his necrotic sorcery and his radiant sorcery in a subtle manner. David determined almost immediately that the General was not undead, and in about ten minutes he determined that the General was indeed the real General.

Presently the General was asleep. David got some clothing out of his closet, and made sure to grab earth style garb. He laid it at the foot of the bed, and allowed the man to rest for a moment. David went out and looked for a servant. Within moments he found a woman in the hallway.

“Excuse me!” David began

“Yes my Lord David.” The servant replied, looking a bit nervous.

“Yes hello. Ok. I require some rope.” The woman’s eyes widened slightly, “And a wheel chair. Does amber even have a wheel chair? Oh and a nice warm blanket!” David said.

The servant cocked an eyebrow, then said, “Would that be all my lord?”

David thought about it for a moment then said, “Bring some vodka just in case. Thank you.”

David returned back to his room. Then General was on the floor, dressed in Earth replica clothes that Bandy had made, and was crawling upon the floor in an apparent attempt to escape.
“General! Where are you going man?!”

“I’ll kill all you alien scum!” The General mustered. David looked at where the man was crawling to, and noticed the AK 47 David had near the bed, as well as a bunch of grenades and a .45 pistol.

“Oh you want the gun? Going to shoot me? Well good luck with that. Hey, I have a better idea!”

David was sipping his cold drink at the White Pony with his feet kicked up on the table. Across from him was the General, bound and tied to a wheel chair, with only his left arm free. A drink was tied to his hand. The General had a blanket wrapped around his entire body, like a mummy, save for his face. Upon his face he wore a stoic scowl, and his wrinkles on his face looked like a road map.

“So General, what do you think about the sunset?” David said.

“It’s…pretty spectacular,” The General said through gritted teeth. He took another swig of his whiskey. “Prettiest thing I’ve ever seen. Except for my wife of course. God rest her soul.”

David Smiled. “Ahhh this is the life General. This is all I wanted. I wanted to take you here for a drink you know. Don’t you recall? But you wouldn’t come with me! Sheesh you are a stubborn old coot you know that? This wasn’t so bad was it? I mean, except for being tied up to a wheel chair.” David said taking a small sip from his drink.

“It’s not so bad,” The General muttered and he spit.

“Are you drunk? Did you want another?”

The General nodded but it wasn’t clear which question he had answered. David looked over to the bar Maid Marissa and gestured for another drink for the General. “Well, you are not my prisoner General, so I will take you back to your home. I’m not so familiar with your world, so I’ll just send you back to New York if that is ok. I know this lovely park there.”

The General squinted. “Maybe just one more drink,” he said as Marissa poured another shot into his glass.

The two men did not say much more after that. The General looked at the sky, the grass, and seemingly each leaf on every tree and each petal of each flower they came across. He seemed to be stunned by the color and the beauty. But soon it was getting late, and their moment in time had come to a close. David nodded to the General, and the General nodded back. David reached over and took control of his wheelchair, and in a blink of an eye he wrapped the vitae around them, and entered a wave just outside of Amber.

For the first few minutes, the General giggled with delight, but then he soon fell asleep, and David was alone for awhile to guide the two back to Earth through the Vitae. David exited the wave at central park in New York. At this junction, the General woke up. David, took out his fork, and transformed it to a short sword, and cut the cords that bound the man to the chair.
“Farewell General, we will try to get rid of the problem in Nevada for you. Till we meet again, “ David said.

The General unwrapped himself from his blanket and bonds. He squinted slightly, as if to say thank you. But the words never came out of his mouth. David smiled at this, and then trumped back to Amber.

The Death Rattle

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