Session 3

Quote Log:
Game 3 – October 8, 2010

“Ah, it is only a few souls, I’m sure they don’t feel anything” – David
“Well it’s not my soul, so I don’t care.” – Fynn

“Have you heard of Bandy’s?” – David
“Yes, I’m in his pants.” – Clement

“I don’t need a warped son … more warped.” – Fiona

“I will be carrying a crystal.” – Sarah (the psychic)
“Seriously?” – Clement

“This is NOT the way to find out if you are of the blood.” – Fiona in the pattern room convincing Jericho not to walk it. “Do you know how this works? You will die! Although I am mildly curious to see you do this…I believe Random would not be pleased.” – Fiona

“Clement is really sexless.” – Cort (Clement ignored Sarah’s hotness).
“Um, not really.” – Clement

“Oh this is going to hurt.” – Sarah (about scrying moonrider armour)

“That’s like saying if I swallow the knife I can avoid swallowing the sword.” – Sarah talking to her inner voices

“That’s it! Scan a cup! That’s Epic! Next we will move to Silverware!” — Voices talking to Sarah
“SHUT UP!” — Sarah

“Worst Oracle Ever! At least gimme something cryptic!” – Clement

“Maybe it’s part of your spine? Let’s see if we can find that!” — Inner Voices to Sarah
“You are the reason they don’t take me seriously!” – Sarah
“Would you like to be alone?” — Clement

After Sarah became translucent from psychometry, “You may want to put that down now.” – Clement

“Who’s your friend?” – David pointing to Sarah.
“…a Pyschic…bit of a flake…I can attest to both.” – Clement

“Oh…we are not going to get gems are we.” – David
“End of the world stuff…she may be possessed.” – Clement

To a servant seeing Sarah on the floor. “We are going to need condoms, rubber gloves and as much lube as possible.” — David

“Amber doors are pretty tight.” – Clement (to Finn trying to look through the cracks)
“Yeah they thought of that.” – Cort

“If I killed a servant, you would not find it.” – Finn

“Ideas are the germs of accomplishment.” — Lord Byron
“I don’t like germs that much.” – Jericho

Regarding Fixed Logrus: “It means it can’t reproduce.” – Clement
“Neutered Logrus.” – Cort

“Permission is so slippery…it is better to ask for forgiveness” — Jericho regarding trying to merge Broken Pattern with Fixed Logrus

“Ow! What the hell is he?” – Sarah looking at David
Making Shadow Puppets David says, “Oh! The kids love this back home.”
“Tears…tears.” – Taiki

“End of the world? Walk it off!” – David
“No, end of reality, but at least that would be humane for the survivors.” – Clement

“I can apply a cold compress.” — David
“To stop my heart I know.” – Sarah
“No! To help you!” – David

“I’m not showing off, think of it as an indoctrination.” – David (regarding using shadows to freak Sarah out)

“I seem to recall a serpent giving a piece of fruit to a woman,” – Sarah to the voices.
“Oh you speak of irony that you know not.” – Inner Voices

“I Feel awkward, how long is this supposed to take?” – David
Shrug “Depends on how long you’ve lived.” – Clement

“A blonde man is watching me? For the record, I’m straight.” — David
“Is Bandy Blonde?” — Clement

“Hey, this just in…I’m creepy.” — David to Finn
“Like Duh.” — Finn

“I’ll let you know when we find something or if we have some random vision of the end of the world.” – Clement

“I’m coming with you?” — Sarah
“She might be useful” — Finn
“Cherish this special moment.” — Inner Voices

“Do you feel anything from this room?” — Fynn
“Well, there is a bit of a draft.” — Sarah

“How do you work?” – Fynn asking about Sarah’s psychometry

“That sucked! It really hurts to get stabbed in the abdomen!” — Sarah
“Noted!” – Clement

“It is terrible to touch the blood.” — Sarah (in the library)
“It is only bad when it gets in your eyes.” — David

“I’m an information gatherer!” — David after animating and chatting with a murder victim

“Psycho/ Psychic depends on who you are asking.” — Sarah

“Don’t eat any snacks he conjures.” — David to Sarah pointing at Jericho
“That is irony you know.” – Sarah
“Don’t eat any snacks he conjures either.” — Clement pointing to David

“Does it hurt?” – Sarah to Jericho regarding conjuration.
“It comes from the heart.” — Clement

“…You are just showing off.” — Clement to Jericho
“Hey could you make me a pearl necklace?” — David to Jericho
“Can you give me 20 min?” — Jericho

“Clement is vanilla!” — Fiona talking about what clement finds appealing…Jericho’s power

“Like I said Baby, I may be black but you David is Dark!!” — Jericho

“You know if you wanted to wear a cheerleader outfit, that would be ok.” — David
“What’s a little necromancy between friends?” — Inner Voices

“Well how did that go?" — Clement after David wakes up from being knocked out.
“Let’s get some drinks!!” — David

“It’s not a problem…” — David regarding drinking
“It’s a solution!” — Clement

“If you can tell the future, you should tell me if my plan is going to work!” — Jericho to Sarah
Plainly not bothering to use any power, “It’s not going to work.” — Sarah

“So on top of raping dead people, he also petrifies people?” — Sarah
“OOH you probably wouldn’t like that either…get the statue!” — Clement

“You just banged Taiki!” — Craig
“Lovely, good thing I wasn’t there for that.” – Fynn

“I’m going to the library, I’m not sure what to do with you.” – Jericho to Sarah after sex

“That’s the first compliment you have ever given me.” – David to Llewella
“Enjoy it, it may be the only one you ever get. ”— Llewella

Session 3

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