Session 2

Quote Log:
Game 2 – September 24, 2010

“You followed the source of the attack and made a connection with it? Well, you won’t be around long.” – Fiona regarding David’s newly acquired Shadow sword

“Is chicken in the pattern?” – David
“Chicken is the primal meat!” — Clement

“Did you want black roller Skates?” — Jericho
“Yeah the whole horse thing…you see…animals don’t like me so much” — David

“Oh Well that is wrong!” –David when Jericho first conjured something by barfing it up
“I didn’t know that I could do that before!” — Jericho

“Honey, I ain’t clean, I’m a lot of things but clean ain’t one of them” — Jericho
“Did you just call him sweetheart?” – David
“Hey, we are all friends here.” – Jericho

“We are going to need snacks.” — David (planning trip to Golden Shadow)
“I think I can make those.” — Jericho
“Uh…I’m going to the kitchen.” – David

“Shouldn’t we dress in some Ren Faire Shit?” – Jericho
And after visiting the flamboyently dressed Ambassador of Helmwind,
“Hey, I asked you if we needed to dress in Ren Faire Shit.” — Jericho

“Well I’m sure it’s nothing, this sort of thing happens all the time.” — David after falling unconscious from Trump contact
“Well that seems to be true.” – Clement

“It’s like a baby’s whisper” — Embassador referring to his goods
“A baby? What? Grating on my nerves?” — Jericho

“Dude! And they call me creepy!” – David, regarding Jericho’s shape shift

“And you got some on you.” — Clement
“On my face?” — David
“No, on your soul.” — Clement

“I can fly motha fuckas!” — Jericho after turning into a Raven

“The last time I murdered a village, it was for a distinct purpose.” — David
“Remember when we talked about diplomacy? Yeah, maybe you shouldn’t start conversations like that.” — Jericho

“I can heal him, but we’ll need a villager.” — David
“It takes a village!” — Cort

“Try not to get stabbed in the future.” – Lord Byron
“I’ll try to remember that, thank you.” — Jericho

“Where were you stabbed dear?” – Red Head Talking to Jericho about which world
“I just said in my kidneys!” – Brenden Interjecting

“You seem to have the shape of a bitch!” – Jericho to Llewella

“Well I appear to have killed this conversation.” – Llewella

“Why do the work when condiments can do it for you!” — Bleys
“Black don’t crack baby!” — Jericho

Session 2

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