Session 1

Quote Log:
Game 1 – September 9, 2010

When David was trying to mingle and fit in at his introduction to family members in Amber:
“My world was destroyed by nuclear war, and I grew up in the ashes.”

When asked about siblings:
David: “Both my Brothers died of radiation sickness, just after we ate our family dog.”

When David was explaining what he could do with sorcery:
David: “Well it is easier to just tear out the soul…”
Sugar: “Ok, that’s creepy.”

When David had a disturbing vision in the great hall with all the family members, and he consumed himself in Necrotic shadows that twisted like vines and stretched upwards towards the ceiling…then a moment later he vanished.
Clement: “Well maybe there is no better way to go to where ever he’s going.”

When Sugar was stuck in Demon form, he went to the gardens in Amber and put a flower in his ear.
David: “Oh…much better.”

Session 1

Dreaming in the Real maelstrm