Dreaming in the Real

Game Log Two

Enter the Oleai

David helps out at Bandies, making clothes, helping out in the back

David then helps out Bandies Marketing! By talking to the public about how great it is, showing them inside and intimidating people without intentionally doing so.

David gives up on this as soon as it looks as though the whole “Necrotic” thing scares people

David Talked to Fiona about his sword, “Shadow Soul”—-She seems to think it was very dangerous and that David should be careful with it. Nothing more was discerned.

Talked with Random about Alicia….told him what I know, and he let it be known that she may yet still live…

Random gave us a mission to the Golden Shadow of Helmwind. There is no centralized government, and it looks as though there has been a lot of violence…diplomatic mission!

A woman tried to contact me via trump…like someone was scrying

I go blank, and fall unconscious. I ask Bleys to open a psychic link to me, to determine who it is. He saw the woman too, but not much information was revealed. Someone is looking for me…that is for sure

We took a Carriage to Helmwind

We spoke with the Embassador there about wools and sheepskin…So I took samples back for Bandies!

We head to the town of Corrizant, which was where the last violence erupted

The town is all dead.

I talked with the dead to see what had happened…The man described the attack as white armoured riders, they came in fast and hard and wiped out the town.

It is clear that this is a professional hit, and not something random.

We went to investigate the next town over..which was still alive

On the road, we encounter the white ceramic armoured “knights”—we engage in combat, we are outnumbered and outgunned, and it is clear that we are outmatched.

My necrotic spells are smashed by their radiant magic

However, I manage to kill 2 of them, and turn them to stone with my sword…I’m guessing their “radiant” magic is the opposite to my shadow magic of my sword. Poof! Instant statues!

When Cornered, I escape through the Void, sadly leaving Jericho and Clement behind

This freaks them out, and they escape instantly.

We take the armour back to Amber. I wear a set of it

This seems to disturb some paladin guy who has the same armour. We go to visit him to explain, but he leaves. Stupid long walk to the woods for nothing!

I go to Random with the armour on. Mostly for effect

I explain that the circular emblem is the same one Delwin uses.

I explain too that I contacted Delwin to ask him about it…he says that the Moonriders have returned…whatever the heck that means.

I tell this to Random, and he tells me that he wishes to speak with Delwin immediately. (I guess there was some spat with Oberron many many moons ago, and Delwin is still sore about it. )

I go to the armoury and have them paint the armour black with some cool patterns on it, to make it more distinctive

I call up Bleys, he seems to be having an argument with some woman

He sounds pleased when I tell him we should all go out drinking. So we do!!

We go to the White Pony to have Blue Fizzies or something.

I am attacked psychically , and I recall having a vision of my Mother….but it is foggy and distant

I escape through the void when I reach consciousness

It turns out it was Jericho trying to help me out during my vision

I jump back to the party via the trump, and I pretend like my vision was nothing, all the while it is all that I can think about

Louella shows up, and notices my sword…

We chat for awhile, and her and Bleys exchange impolite mockery.

A sudden storm picks up…at some point, and turns the bar into a hurricane. Man these drinks are awesome!



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