Dreaming in the Real

Game Log Three

The Rise of Sara

Introducing Sarah! Last remaining family member of a noble line; her family was killed off during the pattern war. She is not of the blood, a bit loony and she hears voices that are exceptionally humorous. Wish they could share!

She’s attractive, flakey, and a Psychic Think Dion Warwick without the YEEESH factor

Clement is working in the Lab, hoping to unravel some of the mysteries of the zombies and the stone armour clad moonrider gone statues.

Jericho goes into the dungeon impersonating King Random. Comedy ensues when he can’t find the pattern room. I think he left it in here somewhere!

Jericho intended to walk the pattern, but Fiona appeared in the pattern room (she had it warded to know if anyone would enter the room) She warns Jericho that if he tries to find out if he’s of the blood in this manner, he will explode. Though this amuses her, she felt that Random would think differently

Jericho abandons his original plan.

At this point, I go talk to Bandy, the best tailor in all of Amber. Have you heard of him? Anyway, I guess gems in clothes are all the rage now, so I’ve offered to help him out in this regard.

Clement sends a royal messenger to Sarah to help in his investigations

Sarah practices her psychometry on the stuff we found off of the “moonriders”—she determined that there was no sense of forging of the armour, it simply just became into being.

Sarah, taunted by the voices, goes into a darker line in scrying the armour.

Apparently she sees the end of reality or something, because she doesn’t mention Bandy’s even once.

She becomes translucent in her trance and screams out “Oleai”

Meanwhile, Finn is off doing something questionable. You know, HEY I’m AN ASSASSIN OR SNEAKY TYPE. WHISPER WHISPER, don’t mind me!

We disbelieve, but whatever, he seems to do a good job at whatever he does, so we let it slide

Finn goes invisible when he sees two servants fighting. He throws poison darts at both of them. One falls instantly, the other just staggers and takes it. It’s a shape shifter. Great!

The shifter murders the servant, and Finn bails. The shifter abandon’s pursuit when it becomes obvious there are just too many witnesses.

Jericho goes to the Chaosian Embassy to talk to Lord Byron about his crazy scheme to combine broken pattern with Logrus, on some shadow world in between Logrus and Amber.

Basically Lord Byron says, um…yeah good luck with that.

Clement, Sarah and David go to the King for a lil chat.

David’s magic seems to upset Sarah for some reason, she’s probably just afraid of the dark

David conjures a chair made of shadow, which seems to demonstrate that all his powers are not totally necromantic in nature. They are practical!

Sarah touches David to see his past. She sees a lot of the ugliness that he has had to endure. She see’s David’s mother, a strong sense of Authority, but no name or anything clear

Finn Joins in, and we are taken to the investigation in the library, where Finn witnessed the shapeshifter kill a servant

Sarah uses her psychometry to determine the nature of the conflict

Both servants were looking for “Metaphysical treaties on the Jewel of Judgement.”

Odd that 2 people were l ooking for it. 2 sides of something going on?

Sarah says: “Sunset Lord will pay for his crimes against the people”

Commanded by Sh’shari

David speaks with the dead, but not much more information is found

Jericho and Clement planning on bringing Logrus into broken pattern…um…why guys! Lol

David goes to the Wild Pony after having an “episode” where he becomes unconscious and has some visions…David does not share the visions with the others but he does say…while quite drunk…that the Oleai did not have a chance…they just didn’t see it coming.

David goes to the Wild Pony with 2 buckets of gems that Jericho conjured. There he met a new friend Marissa, a bar maid who has now become David’s counselor!!

In the morning, Llewella comes into David’s room, not for nooky, but to teach him how to use his Pattern Sword

Yes, David’s sword is a pattern sword

Llewella takes David through a regiment of physical and mental training to become unified with his new found weapon.

Later, Finn wanted to go check something out in the golden shadow of Helmwind

David agrees to go…we go on horseback


Lord Tensor, from Chaos, appears to spring a trap of logrus that captures Finn! He’s helpless and cannot do anything!

A ring of archers appear around us!

Surrounded! Surprised! And Finn is Helpless!

Indeed a masterful plan!

David chats with Lord Tensor, and they have a picnic drinking strong ale from the Chaos realms.

It appears as though Lord Tensor is a bounty hunter and was specifically looking for Finn. And he caught him!

I invite Clement to the party via the trump.

We all sit and chat and discuss how marvelous and wonderful Lord Tensor’s brilliant plan worked out perfectly

Then we strike!

David lunges through shadow spanning the distance between him and the tendrils that hold Finn in an instant!

He cuts the tendrils with his pattern sword


Finn is released, David blasted down.

In the Confusion, Clement becomes the target!

Clement thinks fast and throws a pattern bomb!

HOLY SHIT A PATTERN WHAT? BOOOOOOOM it explodes when it hit logrus

Clement is down! But not dead

Logrus races towards David

David activates his shadow shield, then cuts at the tentacles with his pattern sword

BOOOM another explosion and Lord Tensor and David are on their butts

David escapes through the Shadow teleporting miles away

Finn Escapes through the trump

Finn pulls David and Clement through via the trump

Back in Amber, licking our wounds, but Finn was rescued!



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