Dreaming in the Real

Game Log One

Party to Raise the Dead

Delwin, after leading me to a shadow world, begins to teach me about the ways of Amber

Delwin seems rushed, as if it was very urgent that I get to Amber immediately.

He mentions that he’s more on the side of my father than that of my Mother, so he seems to know most of my lineage

Once in Amber, I am taken to the King…King Random, and it is very apparent that I am of the blood

King Random asks me how it is that I walked the pattern, in his house, without his knowing

I choked. He said it is ok for me to have my secrets right now, but someday they would have to have a conversation.

I avoid talking about Alicia

I am given quarters on the 3rd floor of the palace, and access to anything that I need

I marvel at the abundance of food, water, wine, cloth, shoes, weapons, facilities

I’m at a loss for social graces and etiquette, so I remain quiet most of the time

I notice I tend to make conversations stop when I talk about my past…it seems to depress people

Delwin gives me a Trump of himself

I go to the Armory and I pick out a nice shortsword for myself

At the party, I am introduced as of the Blood, and Jericho is introduced as an Associate of the Blood

I mingle at the party, but feel akward…I try to talk to Jericho, because he’s new too

I have a disturbing vision, and in my way I vanish from the Great Hall, and retreat in solace in my room where I can contemplate the meaning of my vision. Adapting to this new life is certainly harder than it would seem.

I went out Carousing with Clement, Jericho and Bleys…

Using Bley’s trump deck I “Drunk Dial” Fiona and Flora…amusement ensued!!!

I was later given my own Trump deck so I could drunk dial more often.

I find a merchant in town, called “Bandies” and I have made him the soul provider of my Frippery. I make sure to honor his family name by mentioning to everyone I meet that I shop there!

Our first diplomatic mission as new family members ended in disaster

Mason Cho, and embassador from the Golden Circle Shadow world “Erignor” drops dead

I take him into the kitchen, and I attempt a “Speak with Dead” Spell

I fail…because someone or something beat me to it. Something WAY more powerful

The corpse of Mason Cho rises, and attacks. I am knocked across the room. Soon, he attacks the kitchen staff, causing them to rise as Zombies…soon…this gets out of hand and ugly. I return to the Great Hall and yell, “EVERYONE OUT OUT NOW!!”

A battle with the zombies ensues. I desperately try to hold them off with my sorcery. I manage to maroon several in the void, and slow others with my necrotic energy…but it is like using fire to put out a fire!!

Jericho gets Lord Baleen Manchester to turn him into a demon!! To aid the fight! But it doesn’t seem to help much.

Clement tries to force the pattern on the zombies to stop them

It is chaos!! In a break in the fighting I call upon King Random….his comment…”YOU”VE BEEN HERE FOR 2 DAYS!!!” But he sends the guard in.

I try, with the aid of Clement, to enter that world of Necrotic power to attempt to destroy the one responsible. BAD MOVE. I am stuck in a sea of necrotic power, that I cannot escape from. Death is imminent….if it wasn’t for my endurance, I would have been done for. I climb up the soul of Clement, and he touches my body so that my soul may reenter it. Death narrowly escaped.

We squelch the zombie apocalypse, but barely. Many guests paid for it with their lives. I wonder if any of them saw me heal myself by using a fallen guest…

We go to Lord Manchester so that he can change Jericho back to human…many mistake him for a Chaosian come to destroy Amber…But I reassure them this is not the case, and I note the flower in his ear.

Jericho returns back to human

We go to Fiona?? Who is researching the zombie…I get inquisitive…and touch her things.

BAM—-She sends me to a shadow world.

I roll my eyes, and 20 min later, I walk my way back to her room…part of me really wants to touch her equipment again….



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