The Real Session 9

Game 9
January 28, 2011

“If there is anything the greeeks did right it was their butt.”—Cort

“When I play an evil character I pay attention to the fact that my minions have good outfits.”—Matt

“I like pro-active vampires.”—Matt

“Clement is with is mom, behind closed doors.”—Cort
Miming Clement going down on his mom. “Can I go now mom?” “You are almost done son.”—Craig

“People are so sensitive!”—Finn
“When you are stuffing people into trees?”—Sara

“Sarah is dealing with the fact that she’s an M&M.”—Sarah
“What are you a bad rap singer?”—Finn
“Or she has a chewy center.”—Cort

“Are you up for some running away?”—David to Sarah

Finn Spaces out. “Is that what I look like?”—Sarah
“Yes but much worse.”—David
“I’m worse or he’s worse?”—Sarah

“And in the distance you hear carnival music.”—Matt

Ygg to Finn. “You are not particularly interesting. I’m not going to banter with a monkey.”
“The Tree befuddles them.”—Matt
“If I hear another circular conversation, my head is going to explode.”—Sarah

“Be vewy vewy quiet, we are hunting begonias!”—Voices
“I can’t make you shut up, how can i make you talk?” —Sarah to voices

“It’s called Role Playing not Write playing!!”—Dan to Matt who wrote a billion notes to Cort.

Vampire and Undead attack amber. “Wait! Did they get to Bandy’s? Dear god it is the end of the world!”—David
“Why don’t you just have sex with him and get it over with.”—Finn

“Obediance is a sign of joy!”—Voices

“At some point I’ll let you know what sultry things have been happening to you when you link minds with people.”—Cort to David.

“No! Leave Sarah here to guard the rear!”—Cort

“I’m going to try to get my robe flowing in a cool effect.”—Wyndham

“Friends! I’m here to re-write the pattern.”—Wyndham “Have you met Osiric? He’s swell.”

Finn gets hit with a weakness spell. “Dude! How many PBR’s did you have?” Wyndham

Sarah’s logrus tentacle slaps Wyndham. “Well that was just rude! Ouch! Vampires on that one please.”—Wyndham

“The vampires seem to ignore you, there’s not much life force left.”—Cort to Finn
“The happy bomb has no effect, vampires don’t breathe.”—Cort

“So I left Bandy with the Olei. Does this mean that they will all soon be snappy dressers?”—David
“They have vampire Bandy!”—Matt

“It’s a different kind of love. Tendril love.”—Voices
“Tendrils that come out and kill people.”—Sarah
“You don’t have to kill them, you can sexually violate them.”—Voices

“Do you think something died and entered you?” -David
“Not unless you count her last boyfriend.”
“If it makes you feel better, we still think you are crazy.”—Finn

In Osiric’s palace. “He’s did and one to bad cinema.”—Voices
“The ball is rolling, I might as well re-write the universe.”—Sarah
“Maybe it is a happy death place!”—David

Bleys to Finn. “For a guy who just needs a black jumpsuit, you will never understand Bandy. You don’t go to parties, you have no idea!!”

“You are armoured with your virtue and goodness. Ask them if this comes in black and if it has nipples.”—Voices to Sarah

“I picture A-team music at this time.”—Matt
“I pity the fool that messes with Amber!”—Craig
“I pity the fool who messes with Vitae. I pity the fool who messes with … is Chaos winning? Chaos!!”—Dan

“This place really does look like an adolescent gothic sex fantasy.”—Cort

Finn hands David a trump of amber. “OMG you gave it to the black hole of trump!”—Voices

“We are just waiting here. It’s Goth! All we have to do is look morose!”—David

David, Sarah, and Finn confront Osiric in his palace by the thrown room next to the necrotic pattern. After a long conversation, and huge dramatic tension, David accepts Osiric’s offer. Sarah touches the jewel of judgement. Osiric is thrown back by a million serpents. We have the jewel.

Back in Amber:

“Do you think that verbal agreement was legally binding?”—David

The Real Session 9

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