David was frustrated. It isn’t every day that you actively decide to die by destroying your enemies, and then have those plans completely fall through. It is also not every day that you get thwarted by people you know. Oh wait, no that seems to be happening quite a lot lately. David felt angry, impatient and violent. The killing that he did at Area 51 did little to satisfy his hunger for payback.

Why the hell was he so angry? What did he have to be so morose about? Shadows were patient. Shadows stretched across entire landscapes and absorbed all lands as the sun retreats. David knew this in his heart, knew it in his core. So why was he feeling so hostile and antsy? David wanted results; and these results were simply not happening in the timely manner that David thought they would be happening.

Sh’Shari is wounded and there is nothing he can do to get to her. Sh’Shari wishes to chain the dragon, and there may be nothing that David can do to stop that. Then there is this new bright burning fire queen, or whatever the bitch calls herself. Why is all this nonsense happening? Where was Alicia to guide him when he needed it? David wanted to kill this new fire queen, Osiric, and Sh’Shari. All of them. David could have joined Osiric, and may well have gained more power than all of those people combined. David had chosen not to, and now that choice haunted him. Why should he not clutch at power as Bleys, Wyndham and the Fire Queen had?

David felt as if he was alone again in the desert wastes of his homeworld. Scrounging for food, supplies, and just trying to survive. Hrmph… to survive. David nodded. This above all things had been his primary motivation in his life; just to live to see tomorrow. A never ending battle to see the dawn. David had come a long way on his journey, and he was still young compared to the Amberite elders. He wanted their respect, and he wanted their acknowledgement more than he originally realized. He learned Life magic to appease them.

David recalled his use of Necrotic magic at Area 51. It was so easy, so satisfying. Go in. Usurp control. Kill Everyone. This is how David used to understand the universe, and it made sense. And, more importantly, it worked! But he was working with a new set of rules now, and was faced with a new frontier. David nodded acknowledgement to himself and decided to give himself a break. He had been too rash. He had been too impatient and had not listened to the cold darkness of shadows that used to swirl around him.

David would once again have to take comfort in the unknown. He got up off of his bed, took a long deep breath of air, and reminded himself that he must survive.


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