Session 9

That’s right… there were no Quotes from Session 8… so deal with it.

Cort: “How many licks to get to the center of the Jewel of Judgement?”

Sara: “When you get a picture negative, it’s not bad… it’s just negative.”

Disillusioned Fairy: “…where a magical voice from nowher, know just what to say…”

Disillusioned Fairy: “I was vaulted into a terrible world of UnHappy.”

Cort: “Raping your way through the Elf Shadow!”

Clemont: “The Jewel is our smallpox infected blanket.”

Wyndham: “Aren’t we going to meet her and not give her what she wants, then she kills us?
Clemont: I suggest we miss that meeting.”

Cort: “Do not question the game masters flavor text!”

Finn: “I’ve got my bag of Happy bombs and my assult rifle.”

Clemont: (as war erupts between the sides) “It’s not too late to consider other options!”

Cort: (describing a battle) “Julian’s troops are occupied with a giant tyrana-octopus-thing.”

Cort: _(descibing an injury): _"One of his legs is at an awkward angle."

Sara: (talking to the GM) “Are we floating?
Cort: Things haven’t gotten to that point yet.”

Cort: (describing Flora using a power) “It’s the tidiest Afghanistan you’ve ever seen!”

Finn: “Can a Pattern Sword be used for that?
Cort: Maybe, you’ve had all of two lessons, there might be things you don’t know.”

Finn: (asking about an opponent) “Is the sorcerer there?
Cort: Yes.
Finn: Did he take his leg with him?
Cort: Well it’s not like if fell off!”

Cort: “It’s kind of a disturbing sexual thing to do with you mother.
Clemont: And your sister!”

Cort: (regarding Wyndham’s actions) “Discuss this hideous betryal.”

Clemont: “We’re with the angel.”

Cort: Angelic being, Angelic being, Angelic being with prisinors!"

Sara: (regarding zombies) “Can they do anything else? Tricks?”

Session 9

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