Session 7

Game 7
Dec 17, 2010

“I’m on the light side now baby!”-David
“What? Radiant Death?”-Sara

“Travel the world, see new places, and take their clothes.”-Voices
“Not sure how we can disrupt the signal short of me going in there and killing everybody.”-David
“Took you this long to get to that?”- Clement

“Are you with the Government?” – Danny
“No, I’m real.” –Wyndham

“I’m in my penthouse, overlooking central park”- Wyndham
“Oh! We were just there. Infested by homeless people but we took care of that.”-Clement
“What are Homeless people?”-Wyndham
“Oh well, they are the ones hanging around—Available.”-Clement

“I’m having a beer with Marissa, you know…important things.”-David

“Should I start panicking now?”- Sara
“Yes, run around and scream!”-Voices
“Shadow pockets!!”-Craig
“Everyone loves shadow pockets!”-Matt
“Who brought the persimmons?”- Cort
“Well they’ve always been there” –Matt
“That’s shadow molding at its finest.”-Cort

“Dude, why is there blood coming out of my faucet? “ –Apple Genius
“Pipes are bad.”-Clement
“I have floored the entropy pedal. Improbability will happen…”-Clement
“It’s raining in the kitchen.”-Cort
“So this is what crazy feels like.”-Sara
“What I’m trying to control is that none of us are developing cancer.”-Clement
“The kitchen leads to some sort of forest”-Cort
“Hey! They started it!”-Clement
“Gravity is now on the left wall.”-Cort
“Oh that’s awkward. Especially if there are stuff on the right wall shelves.”-Clement
“I’ve made it harder for them to do what they wanted to do.”-Clement
“It’s amateur hour at the pattern store.”-Cort

“You crack open the window and there is a violent sucking.”-Cort
“Speaking of violent sucking, where is my consierge?”- Wyndham

“You created a real life Esher painting!”-Finn
“No one notices the terrorist explosion.”- Cort
“Terrorist Attack is a side show!”-Clement
“Are we fucking erasing this planet?” –Craig
“Potentially. Or erasing the entire Universe. Though I’m hoping this will run its course, and we can sorta paddle away to safety. That’s the plan.”-Clement

“You should see what’s in her mind!”-Dan
“You have no idea what I do in my mind!”-Matt

“Is there candy? I like candy.”-Wyndham
“Five blocks look like an Esher painting. People phased through buildings or trees. Staircases leading nowhere.”—Cort
“See, now my terrorist attack helped.”-Wyndham
“Is Danny alright?”-Craig
“If by alright you mean permanently scarred.”Matt
“I’ll work on my control.”-Clement
“By definition, you abandoned control.”-Cort

Danny is covered in blood when Clement created a shadow pocket in NYC. Clement cleans him with a power word.
“Wow, that was lemony!!”—Apple Genius.

“We did our first successful attack on NYC!!”-Craig
“Can you change Danny into an overweight Redhead?”-Finn
“That would cement the last crack in his sanity.”—Cort
“I could stuff him in a tree…he’ll fall out eventually.”—Finn
“I’m sorta glad Sara left David in Amber. He would have made a bigger mess of things.”—Clement

“You guys are the worst aliens ever!!”—Craig
“We will still turn your world inside out.”—Brenden
“At least he doesn’t have vomit all over him.”—Cort
“Or tied to a toilet.”—Brenden

“Get Flora, abandon the General, and rewrite the shadow.”—David
“I feel like I didn’t have a chance to partake in the madness!”-Clement
“So he made his own!”—Cort
“He’s an enthusiastic and blunt user of pattern.”-Wyndham

“They named it Earth? That’s absurd! Let’s pop over to ‘Concrete’.”—Wyndham

“Oh! We can watch the TV of your antics. I blew up a building too.”—Wyndham
“487 lives lost…the next 911? I don’t understand. I killed nine elevenths of a person?”—Wyndham
“Is there anything I can help with? It has gotten kind of awkward.”—Wyndham

“I’d do Jazz Hands, but I don’t have any.”—Voices

Regarding Destroying Earth:
“For the record, I think you are right, and I hate that.”—Sara to David who wanted to nuke everything

Finn Trump exits without warning in front of Random:
“I’ve given up on any sort of respect or illusion of courtesy.”—Random
“Amberites do things tight.”—Wyndham
“No…loose and let the bodies fly. That’s how we run shit, except for Sara.”—David

“My Lord, I humbly request our leave from you!”—David
“Bunch of assholes.”—Random
“I’m an asshole by proxy!!”—Sara

“It’s some divine powers done burlesque!”—Cort
“I think you have a higher body count than I do Clement.”—David
“Yes, we’ve learned about this world from Grand theft Auto.”—Clement

Concerning Danny:
“Wasn’t he entertaining? I mean Finn had hours of fun tying Danny up to the toilet.”—David

Regarding who hired Lord Tensor:
“But that would mean someone in Amber!! Preposterous!”—Clement

“Is he a construct?”—David
“No, he (Wyndham) just treats him as one.”—Cort
“He’s not as real as a construct.”—Brenden

“What? Are we just going to walk around Afghanistan calling out Flora?”—David

“They are asking about your Mom.”—Sara
“That’s wonderful! Is she well?”—Wyndham
“No, she’s far from well.”—David
“I have to ask because they won’t stop until I do…”—Sara
“I think I’m really good at reading people. SHUT UP!! Is it a he or a she. I don’t know.”—Sara babbling
“She’s not as creepy as it seems.”—Clement
“They used to call it crazy, but now they call it Bluetooth.”—Craig
“I’m so glad you guys can laugh at me.”—Sara
“To be fair, I’ve always found mental illness funny.”—Matt

“I’ll mount the elf with a song in my heart!”—Wyndham
“It’s Ron Jeremy in My Little Pony!!”—Finn
“I’ll have an elf orgy.”—Wyndham
“This is the best cab ride ever.”—David

“…and the faint distant sound of a musical number.”—Wyndham
“I strip naked. I have no shame.”—David
“We got robbed by happy gnomes! We are the worst PC’s EVER!!”—Craig
“Pacifist Gnomes!”—Brenden
“At least you were happy.”—Cort

“We should set up a base of operations.”—Finn
“We need to find an Apple Genius!”—David

“Flora wouldn’t be caught dead there.”—Brenden
“Girl has her standards, even as a prisoner.”—Cort
“I say we do this systematically and go door to door killing everyone.”—David
“This would b fun taking over a town!”—Wyndham

“I’m in complete control of things here.”—Sh’Shari
“Oh no, you haven’t met us yet!!”—Clement

Galen hands David a trump.
“He’ll just loose it!”—Finn
“We are nomads in reality.”—Galen
“That is the best band name!”—Matt

David converses with the tree that is in the center of the universe.
“I’m trying to help you, but your mind is small.”—Tree
“That is harsh, but fair.”—David
“There’s your quote!!”—Dan

“I feel like I’m swimming in a sea of WHAT THE FUCK is going on.”—David

Session 7

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