Session 6

Game 6
December 3rd 2010

“We convinced them (the government) that aliens were no longer scanning the planet. Maybe we should have hiked.”-Clement

“We have a standard plan, that I’m trying to stay away from.”-Clement
(Talking to the scared scientists)
“Do you have any kids? (Scientists leave in a panic) Wait!! They are very small and nothing to be afraid of. I can show you how to defeat them!”-David

(David drugged up and in area 51, trump contact established)
“Hey guys! I’m fluffy.”-David
“There is this unmitigated thing where they will murder people but they won’t go into a room that they may not get out of. Call me crazy, but you have no problem killing people but you are hesitant on going in and getting David out.”-Sara

“Think of it as altruistic murder.”-Cort

“The clothes here…yeah…I think my backside is open.”-David

(Regarding Area 51)
“Yeah but…it was built for the scene!!”-Brenden

“You guys could probably help.”-Finn
“I’m not stripping for anybody”-Sara

(Finn was about to cut David’s feet off to get him out of the hospital bed)
“Do I have my feet?” –David

(Apple Genius tied to toilet naked)
“Dudes! Dudes! Can I get a sandwich?”
“No no no, the bunny goes through the hole.”- Voices
“Can I put on some pants?”-Apple Genius
“Oh! It’s your gay friend!”-Apple Genius.

“You shouldn’t be picking people up when your Boy friend ties people to toilets.”-Apple Genius
“We can’t call the police…because we are aliens.”-Clement
(Clement brings up pattern lens) “The government is after us.”-Clement
“Oh this is like the X files!! I almost did it with an alien!”-Apple Genius
“The last person I had sex with turned into a zombie.”-Sara

“Are you wearing a skin suit? What do you look like?”-Apple
“Yeah you guys suck at being human.”-Apple
“Dude I like totally have connections with the conspiracy people.”-Apple
“Dude! It’s the enforcer alien! Don’t tie me to the toilet!”-Apple

(Finn comes back from area 51 without David)
“He’s gone.”-Finn
“That can be taken many ways and engenders different feelings.”-Cort
“So, overall I’d give that a success!”-Finn

(Clement plans to put pattern lens on the General while he sleeps)
“It’s more real than my curtains!”-Cort
“It’s paisley!!”-Brenden
(After transporting like a moonrider, and exiting going WAY too fast)
“Well…they don’t tell you how to stop.”-David

(Sara transfers memory to Apple Genius)
“I forgot I could do that!”-Sara

“I just spoke with david. He looks like he’s been through a meat grinder.”-Random
“Does he have both his feet?-Clement

“we can go back to plan A and kill everybody.”-Clement
“Don’t take chances Clement, we can write her off (Flora) and get the jewel. We can clean it up later.”-Random

“Could we pay Danny?”-Sara
“Oh that’s kind of nice.” –Clement through laughter
“I thought not killing him was payment enough.”-Finn
“But we are the kinder gentler aliens.”-Sara
“I’ve chosen not to kill him for now.”-Finn
“Help me! PLEASE!”-Sara

“I’m not taking the bus.”-Finn
“Ok I can drive.”-Apple Genius

(Apple guy finds the thief Matt)
“And you wanted to kill him”-Sara
“No no, at least not until we had our use out of him.”-Finn

“Dude! That is so cool! So you are the one behind the floating space pattern!”-Apple Genius

(David talks to Fiona)
“I’m at a loss…”-Fiona
“WAIT!! YOU are at a loss?”-David
“I’m not all knowing David. I’m just smarter than you.”-Fiona
“Well that’s not hard.”-David

“You’ll have to use the Trump outside.”-Fiona
“You have a Trump blocker on this room?”-David
“Or she just wants you to leave the room!”-Taiki

(Finn knocks Matt prone and holds a sword to his throat.)
“Turn over!”-Finn commands
“OH! DUDE!!”-Matt

“He’s unconscious in the closet.”-Finn
/eyeroll –Sara

“I say he got blood on the ceiling, but it may be he got just the walls.”-Voices
“There seems to be surprisingly little gore.”-Voices
“You sound disappointed.”-Sara

“You want him dead or alive?”-Finn
“Are you asking?”-Sara
“Offer sex!”-Voices

(Matt’s girl friend comes to the door. It looks as though Matt was going to propose to her. Sara answers the door when she knocks.)
“Can’t you see he’s Busy!!”-Sara
“That’s colder than me!! At least I have the decency to end their lives!”-Craig

“He knows that his friends are in peril and he goes to get some new clothes.”-Finn regarding David’s Bandy obsession.
“Now that I’m dressed, I’m interested!”-Cort

“She’s safe, she won’t make you a zombie. You can have her.”-David to Apple Genius
“Thank you for offering me.”-Sara

“I was sort of out of it. Did I say anything embarrassing?”-David
“Nothing out of character for you.”-Sara

(Nuclear war joke)
“Finally! Now I feel comfortable, and I can use my go to technique!!”-David

(David gets his first 7-11 slurpee)
“It tastes like Blue and feels like pain!”-Clement
“Let’s not go to New York, we killed those people there to heal him.”-David.
“That was you? You would think aliens would have better medical technology.”-Apple.

(Scanning Russians)
“Speed Dating! Yeah!”-David
“That would give speed dating a point!”-Clement

(Sex trafficking mafia)
“It always comes down to your pussy doesn’t it?”-David
“Hey it’s one of the best weapons we’ve got!”-Voices

(David’s radiant magic)
“He can make porn in black and white.”-Voices
“Just slap a little happy face sticker on it and we are good to go!”-Voices
“Now that they know our secret we should kill them all!!”-Voices
“How very David of you.”-Sara

“I am so not a cop! I’ll prove it! (mimes shooting someone)”-Clement

Session 6

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