Session 5

“We Potentially have a larger problem.” –Random
“What? We have an alternate pattern on a shadow world and your assassination attempt and you have something larger?”-Clement

“Zombies aren’t exactly the best shock troops.” –Random

“I bought the set of nuts myself.”-Cort
“Balls not included.” – Brenden

“We should start with New York then…anyone need a heal?” – David

“No…we hid those bodies expertly!” – David
“Well I knew they would fall out of the tree eventually.” – Finn

“Well with Jericho gone, looks like you are going to need a new boyfriend.” – David to Sara
“You are working your way up the necrotic tree!” – Voices to Sara

“Is there anything to do here in Amber?” – David
“We could have some pie, get some exercise, oh but you meant something useful!” – Cort

“For clothes? He doesn’t kill anyone for those.” – Clement
“You had to clarify that?” – Sara

“While you’re getting clothes, you are reading, and you are freaking people out.” – Finn

“Oh mums the word! I’m the delicate flower that sits on the toilet of the Universe.” – Sara’s Voices

Regarding David’s new earth clothes – “You certainly look less imposing like that” – Sara

“I don’t know if Mr Beaverman knows the paths to Earth.” – Finn

“You can go for the asian grandmother.” – Cort to Dan

“Let’s Shadow walk this bitch!” – David
“I’m more REI than mediaeval ranger rick.” – Clement
“I’ll do the guitar case for the sword.” – Finn

“We are not going to pop out at the front foyer, that would be awkward!” – Clement

“So we are doing horses then?” – Sara
“No. You are doing horses!” – David

“The mental preparation is don’t panic, just keep going.” – Clement to Sara

Regarding killing anyone….
“The problem would be if you missed anyone.” – Clement
“I wouldn’t say I miss anyone.” – David

“Private Property (chuckle) the shadows think they can own things its adorable!” – Clement

“Are you mentally disabled? Hey Jennie, what are we supposed to call the retards now?” – New Yorker

“I kinda want to kill him.” – Finn
“Yeah I kind of do too.” – David
“I’ll come back later and do it, we don’t have the time right now.” – Finn

“You do find a weed whacker! Clearly some kind of weapon!” – Clement

“We are going to need money or we’ll need to pop the cab driver.” – David
“The vibes you are getting from the cab are getting increasingly nervous.” – Cort to Sara

“Oh! You wanted to roll him down the hill? That is both clever and creative!” – David
“Because he’ll forgive you for rendering him unconscious.” – Sara to Finn

(Snaps neck of driver) “We are going to need a mysterious intruder.” – Finn

“Call me optimistic, but this is going to get more amusing. You may need to sleep your way to freedom.” – Sara Voices

(After horribly murdering the neighbors)
“Ok, I’m not sure what to do now.” – David
“That was your go-to-technique??” – Clement
“And it usually works!” – Cort
“For the record I did try to knock the cabby out first.” – Finn

“Flora is going to be pissed!” – Clement
“I don’t get it. Back home all I had to do was pop into a villiage, murder a dozen or so, and the rest run away screaming.” – David
“Its like these people don’t even know how insignificant they are!” – Clement

“I just like going out with a bang.” – David
“You like going in with a bang, out with a bang, and travel with a bang.” – Clement
“Its also how he centers himself. Oh this isn’t going well <mime>” – Clement

“Sorry about the mansion.” – David to Flora via Trump
“Oh and the neighbors…they’re dead.” – Clement
“Sorry I panicked there a bit. Your authority’s response time was amazing!” – David

“He’s good at catching arrows.” – Sara to Clement

“I’ve been in Amber for 2 weeks and I know Trump Caller ID and you don’t?” – David to Clement
“I’ve been busy!” – Clement

“Ok we go back, I’ll absorb the cop cars in the Void and then we rush the House! What??! This usually works.” – David

“The thing about Amber is that if you can think it up you can pretty much do it.” – Finn
“Its just not going to turn out how you think it will.” – Clement

“Couldn’t we impersonate Officers?” – David
“I am dubious given our interaction with the common folk.” – Clement
“Oh! Why are you right ALL the time!” – David

“The great thing about growing up in a post apocalyptic world is that I know how to solve problems quickly!” – Finn mimicking David

“Proceed cautiously!” – Random via Trump
“Ha! We’ll get right to that. Where was that advice 2 hours ago!” – Clement

“I will try not to look like the boy friend.” – Clement
“Who’s your Gay friend?” – Cort
“DAMMIT!!” – Clement

“You are hot! But not as hot as this! <points>” – Nerd in Mac store
“I’m an Apple genius!” – Cort

“I’m going to have to shove something down your throat that isn’t psychic.” – Finn to Clement
“I think he just hit on you.” – Craig

(Clement gave Sara a black eye to make her look like a battered woman.)
“Were you guys in a fight?" – Finn to Sara
“He did it!” – Sara pointing to Clement
“She asked for it, literally!” – Clement

“He goes into a babbling diatribe…” – Cort
“It might just be easier to sleep with him.” – Clement
“Hey, your last boyfriend was a zombie, you gotta do this.” – Craig

“You see a young man, unconscious, naked, and in a pool of his own vomit.” – Cort
“Well at least he’s happy.” – Clement
“I did good right?” – Sara

“Sad, tragic and kind of novice, but nothing you haven’t seen before.” – Cort

“I tie him to the toilet naked.” – Finn

“Our new base of operations, Apple Genius’s Apartment!” – Cort
“Come into my lair!” – Clement
“Well it is more of a staging area really.” – Craig
“We wanted to blend in!” – Clement
“Worst invasion plan ever!” – Cort

(To the Earth Military General who was using a Trump to contact Clement.)
“You need help turning it off?” – Clement
“uhm…. Yes.” – General Brigandine

“They got David.” – Clement
“Is that bad?” – Sara
“She’s written you off David.” – Cort
“You are saying that like I was just doing that now!” – Sara

“It may have been the worst security system in the world. But we didn’t even check!!” – Clement

Session 5

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