Session 4

Game 4
October 22

Sara and Jericho walk through shadows
“Why am I here?”—Sara
“Thought you might be interested.”—Jericho
“In watching you explode?”—Sara

“Why is there a pattern on Earth? Do you know?”—Jericho
“…No…but there are probably books on it.”—Sara

“As soon as I show up to Amber there are Zombies!”—Jericho
“…I feel like it can all be taken away…I want to joing broken pattern with logrus. Sara, you are here because I like you, and I thought we could have sex in the middle.”—Jericho

“Speaking of puzzles, I’m here at the broken pattern.”—Jericho talking to Clement via Trump

“Basically, there is some stuff that you don’t see that you do things with.”—Clement giving Jericho a how to talk.
“I’m free form Jazz and you are a classical musician.”—Jericho
“What harm can come of it! Try some stuff!”—Clement
“Can I have Clement’s Trump in case you die?”—Sara
“Oh just get married already!”—Clement
“I’m not a brilliant pattern person”—Sara
“They got the hot/cold thing going though!”—Clement

“I don’t have a trump of Lord Byron right?—Jericho
“Why don’t you conjure one up?—Finn

In a Shadow world Lord Byron gave them:
“Where are we?”—Sara
“I don’t know.”—Jericho
“Jericho suspects he’s in a padded cell somewhere”—Jericho

David pulls Sara and Jericho out of a trump and into his glorious bedroom!
“How utterly desolate and uninviting!”—Sara
“Thank you!”—David

“I’ve never been attacked by a lizard before.”—David
“With a gun?”—Jericho
“No, with a beaver tail.”—David

“It’s like we are in an expansion and we suck!”—Clement
“They nerfed my fucking character!”—David

When talking about the Necrotic Sea and a villain that possesses more Necrotic power than David.
“Sure, I mean I kind of thought that I had the corner of the market on Necromancy.”—David

When discussing who to kill to heal Clement:
“And they (servants) are on your list to kill?”—Sara
“I’m not indiscriminant like that.”—David
“You keep saying people…like shadows are people.”—Clement

“All we need now is the gimp! I’ll call Clement.”—David

After pulling Clement through the trump, the entire party is in David’s room.
“All I need is a shadow to heal you.”—David “Or a servant.”
“No, we don’t shit where we eat.”—Clement

Clement explains how amberites are above gods.
“Huh…there is a god in each shadow, but no shadow with any of us.”—Clement
“We are the nazi’s of the Universe!”—David
“I’m a them, and you are an ‘us’?”—Sara

“Hey! Who might have you pissed off?”—Clement to Finn asking about the attack

“Well, let’s go to my world, pick up my people and move them to a safer world, where I can abandon them again.”—David

“Ok, if we are going to murder someone to heal Clement, we should probably go to Washington D.C.”—Jericho
“Whatever, we’ll roll a bum it will be fine.”—Jericho
David puts on his desert gear to go to earth.
“You look like a terrorist.”—Finn
“I am a terrorist!”—David

The party is stalled due to wardrobe questions. Jericho conjures up some jeans and a t-shirt. David tries them on.
“There’s some good killing we are missing out on.”—Sara (sarcasm)
“Oh you are circumsized, that’s awesome.”—Clement to David

Discussing Necrotic Healing through killing others.
“I’m told it’s not painful.”—David
“I’m pretty sure you’re wrong.”—Finn

Discussing the people we killed to heal Clement in Central park in NYC.
“What are they doing in a park at night anyway? Never-do-wells!”—David
“I can tell you.”—Sara

Regarding Jericho using his power to calm people to make necrotic deaths better.
“We could have tried that earlier, it would have made me more comfortable.”—Sara
“It may have been like sticking your arm up their colon and they say ‘ok!’”—Clement

“They want to combine pattern with logrus.”—David
“It’s not as stupid as it sounds, if you take out the stupid parts.”—Clement
“This may have catastrophic cascading effects of tremendous proportions.”—David
“It’s not like it’s the first cataclysm you’ve seen.”—Cort
“But this one could be intra-shadow!”—Clement

Regarding walking the pattern.
“Why do people do this?”—Sara
“Because we spent points on it.”—Finn
“Because we get to do cool things with it.”—Clement

Regarding Jericho wanting to walk the broken pattern.
“We’ve got moonriders, we’ve got zombies, how does this (pattern/logrus) fit in?”—Finn
“Touch the pattern an I can take your soul out and put it in another body.”—David
“I really like this body, and I don’t really trust you.”—Sara

Jericho reaches a gap in the broken pattern that he cannot cross, he is stuck on the broken pattern and hinges upon death.
“If I go any further I’m a gonner!”—Jericho
“BE the other side!”—Clement
Sara tries to help Jericho.
“I like your improvisational dance thing, but why on the pattern?”—Voices to Sara

David uses his pattern sword to join the parts of the broken pattern. After a time, the sword is stuck in the pattern and Jericho must complete the pattern himself. In doing so, the necrotic energy of the pattern sword, consumes the pattern and Jericho, who is now undead.
“So was there a point to that?”—Sara
“Hey! We’re brothers!”—David
“You feel dark and empty, like you are filled with a Void.”—Cort
“Ha! Welcome to my world!”—David
“You look a little pale and that takes some doing!”—Clement to Jericho

Back at amber, Clement races to have an audience with Random.
“This is important?”—Random
“Yes, you will agree. Stop me if you’ve heard this before.”—Clement
“David has a pattern sword? Why didn’t anyone tell me?”—Random
“Does beyond your league mean anything to you?”—Random
“This is now my point of reference.”—Clement

“Have we had more zombies?”—Fiona

Fiona, Gerrard, and the Paladin dude are summoned to earth to aid with our disasterous plan.
“Hello Shame, disappointment!”—David
“And mockery!”—Clement

Jericho is still in the pattern, surrounded by necrotic energy.
“We are here to fix things.”—Clement
“I feel like a junkie and you are the needle.”—Jericho looking at Clement like he’s a cupcake.
To david, “I don’t want to kill you or drink your blood.”—Jericho
To Clement, “But he looks more appealing to me!”—Jericho

“Someone walked the pattern even when they were told of severe consequences.”—Fiona
“I don’t like to be told no.”—Jericho
“No one will be walking this pattern.”—Fiona
“Put up red tape or something?”—Clement
“Well this solved a lot of issues!”—David
“I was willing to turn myself into a pattern sucking zombie as a way out!”—Cort

“His sword doesn’t appeal to you in the same way.”—Cort
“Been there done that.”—Jericho
“It’s like an old girl friend.”—David
“Pertaining to me?”—Sara
“Sorry Sara.”—David
“Sorry about what?”—Sara
“That your Boy Friend just went zombie.”—David

Jericho plays with his necrotic powers and absorbs a tree’s life.
“Take a snack sure, take the whole fridge?”—Jericho (pertaining to absorbing earth)
“Sorry about the Genocide! Whoops!”—Jericho
“I’m a little scattered. I just turned undead.”—Jericho

Sara, angry with Jericho. “Can we talk about this later?”
“Did you need some chamomile tea?”—Jericho

After an attack on the King, back in Amber. We missed the fight. Concerning the Jewel of Judgement:
“I suspect it is a little harder than vomiting it up.”—Bleys
“Well, you could swallow one first.”—Clement
“I mean, we all have stuff that people want to kill us for.”—Clement
“We’d feel really bad if you died Kathy.”—David to Sara

“Why the hell does everyone in amber seem like they are on drugs?”—Sara
“I’m the only normal one here!”—Finn
“You are the one that the audience would have to identify with.”—Clement to Finn

“You don’t have to be sane to have children.”—Sara
“The Octo-Mom has proven that!”—Craig

Session 4

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