Session 13

Session 13

“Never question fate, it’s smarter than you.” Cort
“It’s the whore of the table!” Dan
“We took out Galen, the only sympathetic one!” Brenden
“Isn’t it too early for tsunamis man? Not Cool.” Matt

“Given my way, if I’d have incest it would be with Bandy.” Andy

“So, Clement is at the edge of the abyss, contemplating.” Cort

“You’re only experience with Pyschic impressions is being the bottom.” Cort to David
“That’s fine. I’m ok with that.” David
“Your’re ok with that NOW. You have no idea how you originally felt about it.” Cort.

“Sara is rocking back and forth.” Cort
“Good she’s fine then. She doesn’t need comforting. I’m busy.” Clement

“I like that your character makes sound effects.” Matt to Lou

“It’s a shadow, they come and go. They are transient. It’s their nature; pale reflections of reality.” Clement
“Like my world?” Lina
“Clement dear, did we drop the shadow?” Fiona
“She blames herself.” Clement
“Oh that’s quaint. In the middle of an emergency dear we must be strong.” Fiona to Sara

“David’s body was killed.” Clement
“That’s an oddly specific way of saying it!” Andy

“We were all hiding in Galen’s room, waiting to jump Sh’Shari when Galen was summoned to Sh’Shari.” Clement

“As the guy that blew it up, I’m inclined to say, Let’s let bygones be bygones.” Clement

“Oh I’ve got a plan baby!” David
“That’s not reassuring.” Clement

“You haven’t been tagged with this group yet.” Cort to Andy
“That’s not a negative.” Andy

“Are you mad at me?” Voices
“I will never forget it, and you should never forgive me.” Sara
“I’ve changed, I will never save Amber again. NOt at this cost.” Sara

“The Vitae Dragon? Bruce?” Voices

After Random kills Chaos Lords with Jewel of Judgement:
“Did you feel bad about that? I sure didn’t.” David
“Yeah…but they were real people.” Clement

“Not everyone enjoys being pyschically dominated like you do.” Clement to David

“I believe that shadows have equal rights.” Andy
“Oh, that’s progressive of you.” Clement

“Anywhere that is NOT Afghanistan will be A-OK.” Clement

Lina burns necrotic severed head of the General that David was talking to.
“What? Why did you do that? You fucking idiot!!” David
“Now we need to kill another one.” Dan
“I’ll beeee Baaaccckkk!!!” General’s head says while flying away burning.

“We are going to have to go in there, fuck stuff up, and kill everyone.” David
“I’m not sure that’s such a good idea. I say we detonate a nuke on the other side of the compound.” Andy
“Wait! You are the hippy of this group?” Lina

“Unintended consequences are our strength.” Clement
“Let’s do this! I like this plan!” David
“You are not fulfilling your role! You are supposed to get shot!” Cort to Clement.

“You people are monsters!” Lina
“I heard what you are supposed to say in times like this is Allah is good!!” Clement

“Every channel is bursting with power.” Cort to Lina
“That’s what its like to be with me! " Andy

“Some of these people might be scientists! And fuck those guys!” Clement
“I go door to door, grabbing them with shadow tendrils and shooting them!” Craig

“When I’m the moral compass for death in this group, that’s a problem.” Dan
“This is probably the worst fight you’ve ever witnessed.” Cort to Andy

“Today a primal being of fire, yesterday a primal being of chaos, what will tomorrow be?” Clement

“Are those magical horses? Are you destroying the Earth too? Is that a fire giant?” Andy
“This is more like plan F” Lina
“I really really hate these guys.” David
“Because of what? They did some ass play?” Andy

“What we’ve done to piss Flora off has now been trumped.” Dan “That fire God might be something to tell Random.” Dan

“If we are going to do this thing right, we are going to have to absorb this place (Earth).” Lina

“World’s have been created and destroyed in the time it takes us to walk down the hallway.” Dan

“Giant fire creature with an undead army, is on earth, and it took out a major military installation.” David
“Yes, of course David. What part of run plans by me first did you not understand!” Random.
“This is really part of the same plan.” Clement
“Before you give a report to me, why don’t you say it to yourself in a mirror first.” Random.

“And, silver lining, Flora will have more time to be at Court!” Clement

“Hold it! The one key thing is sexual conquest in amber! " andy
“You come with a self pleasuring machine. Tentacles included!” Andy to Sara

“Do you want to come? There will be death!” Clement
“Have fun storming the castle!” Dan
“It would be like moving a footbal through her organs.” Sara

“Oh, can you bring me the sun?” Lina
“Isn’t she the one that had problems cutting off someon’s hand? Now genocide?” Andy

“Treachery is a second skin to these people.” Sara
“Oh, first skin really.” Clement
“What do you mean! We will treat you as family!!” Clement.

Session 13

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