Session 12

Session 12

“I like beatings.”- Lou

“I’d rather have snot.”- Brenden

“Mom, can I be violated by a Logrus Tentacle? What’s a horse cock?” – Cort

“But I like violent rape.”- Lina
“I’m new to this whole mental thing.”-Lina
“My self esteem is fine. I”m perfectly ok with getting my ass kicked."-Clement

Referring to earth: “In the real world? You mean the not real world.”- David
“I roast marsh mellows over Lina.”-David

“Just learned to shadow shift? That’s not unusual for this generation.” – Fiona
“Have you ever heard Fiona do a request?”- Cort

“Maybe Bleys is going to retire and open a vineyard.”-Clement

“I’m going to do something stupid.”-David

“He’s tazed you bro!”- Clement

After switching bodies with Galen. “Right now, all i need is some cookies, warm milk and maybe a hug.”-David

“You have to stay in character! You have to put on a dress!”- Lou

“David does not fail to impress.”- Cort
“We heard him say it! ’I”m going to do something stupid."- Sara

“No one is going to complain that you are using this body. IT’S YOURS!!!”- Clement

Concerning the Fire Jewel. “Is that the one Osiric had? It’s probably necrotic. He gets that on everything!”- Clement
“Undeadness is bound to happen.”-Sara

“He’s tall, and has long white hair.”- Cort about David/Galen
“Fucking hippy!!”- Clement

“The book of dumb things to do.” Cort
“And David’s chapter is HUGE!”
“God, can we skip this chapter there’s way too much!”-Cort

“I’ve been written out of this whole episode! Unknowingly! Thanks for including me, Jerk!”- Sara

“Let me do it!”- David
“Oh, you’ve done enough for today.”-Cort

“You wouldn’t be the first person to put yourself in an awkward position today.”- Cort
“If anything goes horribly wrong, I’ll kill you”-Finn to Clement
“He’s rebooting the fire gem.”- Voices
“You can be killed off camera, you’re fine.”-Craig

“It’s like a roller coaster ride, except with griffons!”- Voices

“Why are we here? Why are we doing this? Didn’t we learn from the last pattern that was altered?”- David
“Ok, if you are getting lectures on propriety from David…” -Cort

“It’s amazing how she can reappear and already have a condescending look upon her face!” -Cort about Sara teleporting.
“Apart from the griffons trying to chew me up, and an overwhelming sense of clastrophobia, it’s actually quite relaxing!”-Sara

“Why is it that the half rate actors come out of the woodwork?”-Cort
“There’s kind of an endless supply of them.”-Brenden
“Where are they now? Dancing with the Stars.”-Cort

“Wow, the world didn’t end or anything. Kinda disappointing. Hey, I got scolded!”- Voices

“Do you want Clement to get scolded?” Finn
“Fiona will hold out on sex!”

“I never seem to run out of things that I don’t want to do around you guys. Just wanted to say thank you.”- Sara

“Can we get back to why the Oleai were stealing the books?”- David

“Whenever I touch someone that might be dead, it really sucks.”- Sara
“David’s life is 12 hours long.”- Cort
“I’m not sure i understand it, but that’s funny!”- Finn
“His clothing is older than he is.” – Cort
“Are you having issues more than normal?”- Finn

“Is there anything else I need to know?”-Random
“Oh, well clement walked the primal pattern with the fire jewel.”-David
“Random, you are mad at him and not at me right?”- Sara

“I want to see how it finishes! Two goats! A llama!”- Voices
“NOthing is Oleai, unless they are perverts on the side.”- Cort

“Great, we destroyed their plans for Education.”-Clement
“How do we use this as a benefit, aside from the hair.”-David
“I feel that we have an advantage, and if we don’t use it, we lose it.”-David
“It’s not viagra.”-Finn

“Sitting in a bad whore house, in the bad part of town, making plans. Seems appropriate.”-Cort
“I’ve never done interrogation! Can i have sunglasses!”- Voices

"I"m sorry I didn’t give you more talkative prisoners."- Cort
“Just because the King wanted to let them go, doesn’t mean I want to.”-Sara
“Oooh I like you like this.”-Voices
“The worst that can happen is that we lose David.”- Random
“Harsh. But fair.”- Craig

“We can’t do this ambush alone. We’ve tried this before, and a dinosaur ended up chasing Sara across Afganistan.”- David
“Ok Sara will dominate her mind, Finn will poison her, I will stab her, and what will you do?” -David
“Get shot.”-Clement

“I’ll go too.”-Sara
“There might be a dinosaur you can run from.”-David

“It’s the game of stupid ideas!”- Craig
“It’s New York all over again.”- Dan
“Clement did it!”-Sara
“Well, we had to destroy the village in order to save it.”-Brenden

“You watch the shadow collapse into nothing.”- Cort
“Winning!!”- Clement
“Unintentional consequences are the most interesting.”- Brenden

Session 12

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