Session 11

“Well, that’s because you’ve thought of women as things to conquer. Now that you have a Girl friend, you now think of them as people. There’s hope for your role playing.”—Cort to Craig

“Can I prepare the fluid (sperm) and somehow give it to Sh’Shari?”—Andy
“So…no to the turkey baster and impregnation?”—Andy
“Is there someplace we could meet Sh’Shari? Like a social club?”—Andy

“No, they went that way, with the Cookie.”—Cort

“This is NOT to code!”—David regarding Chaos embassy

“Wait! Let me get the carrot out before I say this.”—Dan
“How many times have I said that before”—Matt

“For a lack of a better word…EAT ME!”—Sara to the house
“You wouldn’t want a Big Mac made of Sara.”—Finn

“There’s nothing to see here. There’s probably no zombies or vampires.”—David to concerned citizens.

“Alright Ghost in the house, I need my two friends back.”—Lina
“I’m from Seattle WA, well more Eastern WA really.”—Lina
“I know how to get to know people, and this is NOT the way.”—Lina to the Embassy

“I am what I am.”—Lina
“What are you Popeye?”—Matt

“Oh, that’s interesting. I’ve stolen cable!”—Cort on Sara’s eavesdropping on Lina and the house.
“Oh, you might be in trouble. How important is it to you to get out of that love muscle?”—Voices

“So is your Mom single?”—Andy to Clement
“Um…I think so, why?”—Clement

“This will have political ramifications with Chaos.”—Cort
“Well, they should have left us instructions on how this shit works!”—David
“They did. It’s Don’t go inside.”—Clement

“They call Andy a Centurion…because of how many children he’s sired.”—Finn

“The fire was because of the dark god blob thing.”—Lina
“I’m kinda insulted!”—Voices
“Wait! Can you refer to it like that all the time?”—Sara

“It’s less engaging not being wiley.”—Andy

“I take a shower before I go.”—Andy
“You get the shower pregnant.”—Cort
“You find the drain very enticing.”—David
“It has a womb? How is that even possible?” —Matt

“Is she talking to herself again? Do all chicks do that?”—David
“Yes. Have you not been around a lot of women?”—Andy

“Oh I do what I can, and I’ve heard about you (Andy) So…let’s keep this cordial.”—Fiona

“If I wanted to kill you, I’d just do it myself…you know..out of respect.”—Caine to Finn

“I’m going to take the grenade out for some basic training.”—David
“I’ll take her to a secluded spot by the lake.”—David
“Hey! That’s what I was going to do!”—Andy

“Besides, if you would fuck some of them, perhaps they would stick around.”—Voices to Sara

“Stealing the king’s scotch is awfully close to treason.”—Clement

Wooden Cat Dworkin made:
“You don’t know what it is eating, but it is pooing sawdust.”—Cort
“Dworkin could have sex with it! Oh…you are probably going to cause the end of the world.”—Clement

“That’s ok. I’ve been mentally raped by more people than are in Amber.”—David
“He’s here to receive!”—Matt

“She’s more polite to her voices.”—Finn to Sara
“I haven’t heard her voices mention horsecock!!”—Sara

“Do you suggest going back and mounting her right away?—Andy
“Well, I’ve heard that dinner and conversation may be involved first.”—Serpent
“I have legitimate scientific reasons.”—Andy
“It may do nothing, it may destroy all of Amber in cataclysm.”—Serpent
“She likes it when they turn into zombies after.”—Voices
“Post coital mortification!”-_Andy
“I’ll call you tentacly!”—Andy to Serpent

“I made the mistake of asking David for a distraction once.”—Finn

“Are you ok? I mean…ok for you?”—David to Sara

“In Clement’s Trump deck…Fiona in the lab…Fiona in a dress…Fiona in a field…”—Finn

“There’s a weight to you that vanishes. Everyone has made back doors to your mind.”—Cort to David after David walked the pattern.
“(I bet they said)That’s 30 seconds of my life I’ll never get back!”—David

“I’m not sleeping with anyone in this group!”—Sara
“You have to put “again” after that."—Finn

“I suspect he will like you (Sara) for at least 15 min.”—Voices
“I don’t have a spiritual thermometer.”—Andy
“Where would you put that?”—Craig

“We’ve seen David do this to Clement, and to Clement and to Clement.”—Finn regarding David’s healing.
“Is that what this looks like?”—Clement
“There is no true love, except from a man and his tailor.”—Clement
“I’m not in love with him!”—David

Bleys loses an arm in a fight with Louella?
“It was his left arm.”—Cort
“HA! He’s all Right now!”—David

Session 11

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