Session 10

Introduction of Lina:
“She’s probably in a hospital gown, scared, not knowing what the fuck is going on.”—Lou
“Like you got sucked by a big vacuum.”—Cort

“It appears that you landed on an attractive man, he seems to be unconscious.”—Cort

“No Sorcery in the Courtyard, turn off the flames.”—Amber Guard
“I don’t know how.”—Lina
“Guys…we’ve got a code 2.”—Guard
“What’s a code 2?”—Finn
“Close the metal shutters and duck.”—Guard

“She’s scantily clad and waiting in the courtyard.”—Guard
“Say no more.”—David

“I fell through a hospital.”—Lina
“It’s not the weirdest thing you’ve heard.”—Cort

“You don’t have trees here. Just stone. I like that.”—Lina
“OK. Good to know.”—Finn

“I had to surf hetero porn for an hour to compensate for all the gay porn I had been looking at.”—Dan

“You wear the dress? Total Ren Faire Shit.”—Cort
“Never thought I’d say this, but…we need you Sara.”—David

“Clearly she fell on Clement while he was muff diving Mom.”—Finn

“Why are you talking about her (sara) in the third person?”—Andy
“She has conversatoins with herself that we are not privy to. She’s used to it.”—David

“Do you drink?”—David
“When the work is done.”—Andy
“We just saved the world! The work is done my friend!!”—David

“Take her head, we can steal her power. I’ve seen it in a movie.”—Voices
“It’s going to be a long day.”—Sara

“You are not crazy are you?”—Sara to Lina
“We are full up on crazy right now.”—David
“Pot meet Kettle.”—Finn

“That’s the weirdest thing I have ever seen.”—Sara
“Well, we have seen David naked.”—Voices

“I must have feinted!”—Lina after waking up after Finn’s poison wore off
“Why are all the new one’s dumb?”—Voices

“It’s not that it (Earth) isn’t real.”—Finn
“It’s just not important.”—Voices
“Alright, the new one can sleep with the pretty one and we can watch.”—Voices

“All i remember is a vortex, everyone died. Then i was in a hospital, and then now I’m here. I’ve had a rough day.”—Lina
“Well our home, the center of the universe, was attacked by zombies and vampires and the Universe as we know it almost got re-written.”—David
“Well you guys are probably used to that.”—Lina

“Do you think having Galen over at the white pony is a good idea?”—Finn
“That level of introspection has never occured to David.”—Cort

“Ah Jericho, I liked that guy.”—David
“Before he turned Zombie?”—Sara
“Well that’s when our friendship took a down turn.”—David

“Blah McBlah? Oh this guy sounds horrible. Probably just makes black jump suits.”—David looking for a new tailor

David spends the night drunk at Blah McBlah’s doorstep, and in the morning comes into the shop:
“So…Bandy is dead. We’ll that’s not exactly true. He’s a Vampire. And so…I’m in need of a tailor.”—David
“Tensions are extremely high in the room after that statement.”—Cort

“That’s why they make the big bucks and smell like pee”—Clement referring to servants.

“You have suffered a fall.”—Servant to Clement
“Technically true.”—Matt
“Well that went well. I’m ready to get the jewel and deal with Wyndham.”—Clement
“Wyndham is dead Clement.”—Fiona
“Ah, when a mother and son talk about taint.”—Matt

“Congradulations!”—Clement, when reunited with party
“Ah yes, it is good to have a new tailor.”—Sara

“You full on burst into flames.”—Cort to Lina
“So…you don’t want coffee then.”—Andy
“She burned hher own clothes off! This girl is hot!”—voices

“Wait! Bandy is your son??”—David says then feints
“You had the most real tailor of all time!”—Clement

“I’m not prejudice against vampires.”—Andy
“One of my best friends was undead! Sorry Sara.”—David

“She’s a great mystery, but we should not lose sight of the whole Bandy issue!”—Andy
“I know she’s burning for answers.”—David

“I’m glad we found a grenade.”—Random referring to Lina

Regarding meeting Dworkin. “I was sort of drunk at the time, so I don’t really remember.”—David
“That’s probably not the speech you say to inspire the people.”—Andy

“Let’s get the nice girl out of prison.”—Andy
“And take her to a war zone!”—Clement.

“Success through partnership rather than genocidal insanity.”—Andy

“These are the reasons I don’t leave the forest.”—Andy
“Yes, mysterious entities that have motivations of their own. We don’t have enough of these!”—Clement.
“If you can’t trust a voice in you with a hidden agenda, who can you trust?”—Brenden

Meeting with Dworkin:

“You are boring, but it’s nothing personal.”—Dworkin to Finn
“You might be Jesus!”—Dworkin to Andy

Dworkin makes salsa music in all of amber then dances to it.
“Welcome to Amber, this is reality.”—David to lina
“You know how people say dancing on your grave? Well this feels worse!”—Sara
“Ok you are doing the Tango with Dworkin.”—Cort
“Tell him there is a cookie in the kitchen and ths will all go away.”—Random to Clement

Session 10

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