Galen's New Beginning

Galen’s New Beginning

“I didn’t mean to do it,” David said as he woke up.

David was laying in a hospital bed, and beside him he saw his corpse laying on a gurney. There was white silver hair in his face and it tickled his neck. Looking down at his arms he saw that they were pale skin and lacking any tattoos that used to adorn his old body. He touched his face and found strong angular features, of what he had become accustomed to seeing on the Oleai.

David sat up, and his head swam with both emotion, and normal dizziness one might expect from a soul transfer of this kind. David scrunched his new face, testing muscles that were not his. He touched his fingertips together, feeling the texture of his new skin. Perhaps the worst shock was the hair. How did Galen manage with such long girlish locks? David grabbed a piece of string off of his bed, and tied his hair back. His hair. Galen’s hair.

Galen was dead then, or at least his soul had departed. That much David was aware of.

“DAMMIT Galen!” David shouted. “Why did you have to be so fucking stubborn!” A nurse that was in the room, quickly rose, and darted out of the room. David Harrumphed and tried to pick himself up. His legs felt long and floppy, and his arms way too long for what he was used to. Standing up proved to be a chore, as did any sort of complicated movement. Even still, David shuffled over to where his natural body lay.

David touched the tattoo that Alicia had given him. Looks like he lost this trump now too. David wondered if Alicia would recognize him should they meet again, and even still, if she would still find him attractive. David took in a deep breath and shook his head; why was he having such stupid childish thoughts at this time? Alicia abandoned him, years and years ago. She’s not coming back, ever. It didn’t matter that Alicia had once served the dragon. It didn’t matter the connection that they once had. All of that was gone, and none of it mattered.

Galen was dead, and the only link and the only hope of peace with the Oleai may have died with him.

David recalled the look of horror upon Galen’s face when Galen had realized what was transpiring. David did not intend to kill Galen, only to trap his soul so they could hold him in place for a change. David had been tired of being the lesser man. David was tired of constantly losing, and so in a sacrifice move he chose a path of darkness once again. Maybe the light was not the way for David. Maybe the dark was also not a way, but that area in between that both casts light and shadow.

David walked over to a mirror that hung from the wall. There stood his friend Galen in front of him. Hrm. Friend. Some friend David turned out to be. “I’m sorry,” David whispered to his own image. “I’m sorry that it turned out this way for you. I meant for you to live. I meant for you to fight for us. I meant to stop this war.”

David turned away from the mirror, as tears began to well in his eyes. After all of those years of killing, all of those souls he has destroyed or ruined. David had never taken the life of a friend. Vomit came to David’s lips, and soon spilled out in chunks on the floor. “God, what did you eat man!” David thought through a combination of laughter and tears.

David straightened his back and looked upwards as if towards the heavens. Galen’s body was still alive, and so part of Galen was also still alive. David let go of this thoughts of his former lover Alicia, so that he could concentrate on his task at hand. David was prepared to make one more sacrifice, and Galen’s cause will not be forgotten but rather fortified. David began to concoct a scheme, something he wasn’t exactly good at, but that didn’t matter. Escape was not his plan. There may not be escape from where he was going. Desperate times call for sacrifice, so that others may have hope. Perhaps this would be redemption for David. Perhaps Galen, where ever the vitae took him, would ultimately agree with David.

David would have to face Sh’Shari alone.

Galen's New Beginning

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