David's Speech to Oleai

Greetings Friends and Shari! I am Sh’David and I am your new Leader. I have meditated on my destiny for a great count of time. I realize that my old destiny as a Necromancer was a false one. I have realized that my destiny lies with embracing the light and embracing the vitae.

This path has been laid out before me, and I say this to you, my people, to follow me and the true way. We are about to embark upon a great journy. A journy to a new world, a journey of peace, of light and we shall return to our homes. We shall abandon war, for where we are going we need it not. Vitae is our savior, and warfare is beneath us. We are much greater, and we grow together towards this greater destiny.

When you follow my destiny, King Random will yeild ground. Let us embrace Victory, and a peace through strength. Rather than fighting over these resources, we shall create new resources, by creating a vitae homeworld. With the greatest minds of Amber, Oleai and Chaos we will create the solution that is close at hand. We will have a shared victory, and I can say this as a member of both races

As a sign of good faith we shall have an exchange. We offer a ceasation of hostilities. We are prepared to offer consessions, in return for prisoners. Do you stand with me, my fellow Oleai?

David's Speech to Oleai

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