David's Battle with Destiny

David, appearing in Galen’s body, was amongst the confused Oleai. It was clear they all thought of him as Galen, and so far the plan was working. But for how long? How long could David keep up this charade? David pointed to one of the Oleai and said, “You there. There is an item I dropped when I first challenged Sh’Shari. I want you to bring me that item. It may appear as a fork, or a sword.”

Another Oleai spoke up. “I know what you speak of, but why would you need that?”

David swallowed for a second. Yeah…why would he need that? “It is a device I stole from the children of Amber, and I think it may be a key for us to understanding victory over them. It needs to be studied.”

“I will fetch this thing, if it does indeed hold such answers.”

David nodded to the other, as he left and then he returned his attention to the group of Oleai around them. Their faces all pointed to David, and they appeared to search for something. As if they were all looking for answers that they had hoped Galen would give them. They trusted Galen, this was clear. But more importantly they trusted destiny.

David did not trust destiny. And in this moment, his heart sank with sorrow that he had not known before. He so wished to be one of the Oleai, with a clear purpose and a clear vision of what was right and wrong. David had no idea what was right or wrong. He was accustomed to killing anyone that was in his way. His only loyalty was to his friends. But who are his friends really? The amberites? Bleys had betrayed him.

David had fell silent. He wondered if the poison in Sh’Shari’s blood had any effect on her. She could be dead already, or completely unaffected. The necromancer could be walking into a cake walk, or walking to his tomb; he had no way of knowing.

He had hoped that inspiration for a speech would come to him, but it just didn’t. Instead he stood there, motionless. All eyes pressed on him like fingers gently poking at him. He remained stoic, which David thought to at least be appropriate. Inadvertantly he had been playing the part, and a smile came to his face. Then he finally managed to say. “Today is a good day friends. Today my destiny will be fulfilled, and I am not afraid to greet it with open arms.”

At this moment a moonrider returned with a fork, and passed it to David. David took it and stowed it in his belt, only nodding for acknowledgement.

“Today the destiny of Sh’Shari and I shall entwine. I will sacrifice myself to prove my devotion. Today is a good time to die.”

David's Battle with Destiny

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