Contemplations of a Sorcerer

Contemplations of a Sorcerer:

David knelt beside the hospital bed where Bandy laid. Channeling life magic, radiant light came out of the sorcerer’s hands and began to fill the tailor with energy. It was only days ago that David had lost Bandy to vampirism, and now David may lose him again to the power of the pattern; Bandy hinged upon death. The life force within the tailor was like a newborn child in a grown man’s body, so David would have to be patient in restoring the man back to his former self.

David knelt there for hours upon hours, channeling his magics through his friend, and mending his spirit back together. On several occasions, Dolph collapsed with exhaustion, and remained by the bedside and simply napped where he lay. David would wake, and would continue to weave his sorcery in a desperate attempt to regain the life of the man who had given him so much.

“Lord David?” Bandy said, as he weakly opened his eyes the next day.
“Shh. Rest, you’ve had quite the ordeal,” David answered.
“But. Where am I?” Bandy said as he tried to rise from the bed and failed.

David helped his friend back down and reassured him with a gentle pat to his head. “You are in the infirmary at Castle amber. You walked the pattern, and you are weak right now, but you are getting better.”

With that, Bandy gave David an incredulous look and passed out. David continued to channel his life magic into Bandy, with enough time Bandy would heal. He hoped.

David then remembered the words of his friends, who believed David was in love with Bandy. How ridiculous! Sure, David cared for the man as a friend and as a tailor! But he in no way had romantic intentions or fantasies with this man, or any man for that matter. David wasn’t really motivated much by romance. Certainly not the way Andy was. Perhaps Andy got the royal’s entire libido when he was born? David shook his head; that information did not matter to him. All that mattered was not abandoning Bandy.

David blinked. That was it: Abandonment. David had been abandoned by the only person he ever loved: Alicia. If that was her real name, he may never know. It was Alicia that took him to the pattern room, all those years ago, and David had walked the pattern while drunk. Alicia had given him the trump on his arm, and the tattoos upon his body. She had showed him how to lead, and he loved her more than anything. The day the sands had taken her, was an ultimate loss and a wound that never had healed. Where was she now? Who was she? Clearly she knew something about what is going on, and perhaps it was time for David to find her. David could not love again, until that at least was resolved.

David had abandoned his cult, The NeverAfter, after Alicia had left him. He had left Kyle there in charge. David wondered if those people were still alive. David had also abandoned Bandy with the Oleai. But those types of abandonment were different right? I mean, he had their best interest at heart didn’t he? Perhaps Alicia had David’s best interest at heart too, but the only real way of knowing that for sure would be to confront her. Alicia may be the key to unlocking the connection between the Amberites and the Oleai. Why was Bleys and Delwin a part of Sh’Shari’s schemes of world domination? How could they possibly benefit from that war?

Too many questions and not enough answers. For a moment David contemplated absorbing the life energy out of a few servants to aid in Bandy’s recovery, but then he quickly dismissed that idea. He had to become Sh’David in order for his plans to work.

Contemplations of a Sorcerer

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