Blah McBlah's

Blah McBlahs:

David strode confidently into the tailor’s shop, McBlah’s. Several patrons gasped. One woman brought her daughter closer to her. Somewhere in the distance, crows could be heard calling to each other. As David closed the shop door behind him, the jingling bells clanged against the glass several times before the room echoed with silence.

“I have great and fortunate news,” David began as radiant light energy wisped away in tendrils from his fingertips. “I am no longer in need of your services.”

Mrs. McBlah collapsed in a heap on the floor. The woman with the child, held her daughter closer and noticeably swallowed. Most of the others in the room did not make eye contact, save for Mr. McBlah himself.

Mr McBlah straightened his tunic, and his fancy necktie. His eyes glanced once at his wife who lay motionless on the floor before he said, “Do what you will then my Lord, but make it quick. I am not afraid to meet my new destiny but please, do not harm any of my clientele. They have been most excellent to me in my years of humble service here in Amber.”

David gave the other a quizzical look. “What are you talking about? I’m here to tell you that Bandy is on the mend! It is as if the heavens themselves opened up and delivered him to us, after a quick walk on the pattern of course.”

Mr. McBlah looked confused. “I don’t understand. I am not to be a vampire then?”

“No! Isn’t it wonderful!” David exclaimed.

Mr. McBlah’s shoulders came down somewhat, and he sighed but oddly not out of relief. He then strode across the room and whispered something into David’s ear. Upon finishing, David cocked an eyebrow and nodded.

“MR MCBLAH!” David exclaimed as shadows wreathed around him in twisting tendrils of pure evil. “YOUR SERVICES ARE REQUIRED IN THE DEEPEST LAYERS OF THE ABYSS!!”

Shadow billowed out throughout the shop. Windows were shattered, clothes were strewn about the room, and the women screamed. A terrible wind whipped around the room and in a vacuum like surge of necrotic power, Mr. McBlah was sucked out of the room and dragged into the dark void of magic that surrounded David. And in one terrifying instant, the Sorcerer and the tailor were gone. Only an echo of maniacal laughter could be heard.

David and Mr. McBlah reappeared next to the lake in a secluded spot, just outside of Amber.
“Ok what was that all about?” David asked

“Oh thank you Lord David!” Mr. McBlah exclaimed. “I thought I would never get out of there! The wife has a terrible death grip on things you know. Short of me dying or vanishing mysteriously, she would not be able to let things go. I’ll take it from here, and I’ll finish my disappearing act. Thank you again kind sir.”

“Did you need help getting anywhere?” David asked.

“Oh you have done quite enough already! I’ll be just fine. Thank you!” And with that, Mr. McBlah threw a small bag over one shoulder and whistled merrily as he made his way towards one of the golden circle realms.

Blah McBlah's

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