Dreaming in the Real

Betrayal in Flame and Infamy
Session 11

The group starts out in the Chaosian Ambassadors now vacant quarters.

It doesn’t take long for action to hit when Finn is sucked up by the house. As the group tries to figure out what happened and how to reconcile with the house, Sarah asks the house to “eat me”. Fortunate for he, the house is not dirty and swallows her. I’m sure her voice was hoping that would have been directed towards “horseman”

Now with two members of the group within the confines of the house, Lina tries to electrify the house, to no avail. She then psychically links with the house and talks to it while Sarah listens in. With conversation going poorly, Lina opens all her inner voices with the link to the house. When Sarah hears this she in a a sign of desperation, asks her voice for help in getting her and Finn out. Lina then notices a large Lovecraftian type creature and in fear tries to burn in down. All this taking place in a mental link. The effect on the creature was not what she had hoped, but she managed to set fire to the house which then spit out Sarah and Finn.

Meeting the Gang

I met the folks hunting the weird White Knight creatures. Here’s what we did:
- We wait for some guy named Clement, waiting… waiting…
- Lina is in a hospital, running and experience weird powers – she’s pulled from behind, like being sucked up by a vacuum.
- Lina Pops into the sky and lands on a red-headed woman on plateau
- Lina has landed on a young man, she apologizes – Clement is unconscious
- She sends her to the Castle – she’s disoriented, she’s at the Trump Gate.
- Guards ask who she is. And why’s she’s here. She begins to burn.
- “No sorcery in the courtyard, Miss?” says a guard
- Code 2 – they start to close the windows
- Meets the gang – asks how she got here.
- “I fell through a hospital” – Lina and they talk
- They have an “ability off” their voices compete – his voices say, “He keeps the blade.”
- Men with guns were shooting at Lina – Lina says she thinks they want to capture her.
- Get Lina a new dress, swanky!
- Hearing voices is okay says Lina
- They talk to Flora
- Lina poisoned and sent to prison
- Sara finds an orange gem in her. (Flames when he touches her.)
- Majestic woman made of flame – when Sara’s in Lina’s mind
- Yay! It’s a Fire God! (gem is the aspect of fire?)
- Lina talks to a voice – Serenity then a Bad guy voice – they want her to do things – she can lead you to the light
- I go talk to Random and introduce myself – older working on actual invasion, younger going after the meta-physical
- Lina and Sara chat about reality
- Whittle a kitty kat
- Go to the while pony – I have my date (the Guard) and it’s a swell time. – Marinda
- They have a chat
- Lina remains in prison
- Finn sends note to Random for audience
- David falls asleep at Blah McBlah’s
- David goes into Blah McBlah’s and gets an outfit for Lina
- Lina is challenged by chamber pots
- Lina gets breakfast
- Clement wakes up in the infirmary
- Finish the Kitty Kat
- Meet Clement and David.
- I get coffee and breakfast for the gang.
- Find out Bandy is a vampire
- Argue and talk about Bandy
- Clement and Sara open a repore and they speak
- Lena shows her electricity
- We go to talk to Random
- Talk with the Oliani
- Make agreement to meet
- Talk with David
- Get him ready to be leader
- Goal not to escalate the situation
- Get benedict to pull us through to Hellwind
- The gal lights up in area
- We discuss another plan
- Good Faith effort
- Sara mind forces Clement
- Clement like it!
- Write the speech to give to the white somabitches
- He calls – then he writes the speech
- Claps – watching her
- Interaction
- Went back
- Chaos ambassador left
- His place is dead
- Trumped Dworkin
- He showed up and was rather interesting, he did things to our weapons, I’ll have to check it out.
- Went to get coffee

The End of Wyndham

David glanced at the spot where Wyndham died. Or at least at the spot on the pattern where Wyndham was absorbed by the necrotic pattern sword. David had a sudden revelation, and a strength returned to him.

Killing Wyndham was the right thing to do. David never really liked the man, not because he smelled of cheese and wine, but because he was so distant and disconnected from things. But David surmised that this was just a mirror into his own soul. He had become distant, and had flip flopped on occasion, when it suited his needs. But now he can understand his real needs; the death of the traitor Wyndham taught him that much.

The pattern must be saved, and Osiric and Sh’Shari must be stopped, a side must be and has already been chosen. This is David’s destiny. David would prefer that these forces remain, and that a peaceful coexistance come into being. But this may not happen, and David prepared himself for the road that lay ahead.

David’s mind drifted to the Necrotic sea that he had been trapped in for mere moments. Only after dragging his soul through Clement’s soul was he able to release himself from that pain. It would only take heartbeats for Wyndham to go insane before he died. One more soul for Osiric.

David did not laugh at his opponent, nor did he mock the traitor’s intentions. His heart was not glad that Wyndham had failed, nor was he proud of sending anyone to such a fate. However, he was happy that it was done, and he nodded an acknowledgement to the pattern, and to where Wyndham suffered the worst of all fates. Erased from time and space, and bonded to endless mindless servitude to the Dark Lord Osiric.

David knew he wasn’t a smart man, but at least he wasn’t as stupid as Wyndham. This thought made David smile a little, but the smile soon faded. If David killed the dumbest amberite…that would mean he would likely take the spot for dead last. He sighed, and his eyes caught Finn’s for a second. It would take some time to regain Finn’s trust, but this work must be done. His honor needed to be restored.


I’m in the Sword. The Pattern walk didn’t go so well. Is anyone in here? Can anyone hear me?

The Idiots actually killed me. They got me with a spear. That hurt. Then the Whore-y girl grew tentacles out of her. Probably some venereal disease. Then the mean one got me with poison. Then I was hit by that damnable sword.

I made it to the Pattern. Damn.


Wait, is that someone? Hello?


What’s that? Hi? Oh! Oh God! Aaah! This is horrible! Aaaaa…..


Miserable Vermin

Why, dear journal, do I associate with Louts? Mother was right, Amber is full of fools and degenerates. Mouth breathers one and all. When the Revolution comes, I will be sure to keep them alive. They will exist to amuse me. Like reality Television on the Shadow Earth. It’s quite good, I do not understand why the Shadows there are against it. Bah! Everyone but Mother and I are fools! Even the UnReal shadows.

Well, idiocy continued to follow this group of hobos. While I gathered my Vampiric and Zombie forces in service to Osric they trundled about, lost and alone. Whenever I see them I swear I can almost hear circus music in the background.

Rather than doing the intelligent thing and trying to find how I got out of the room they just wandered away, weeping into their hands. I suppose I shouldn’t insult them too much. The one who’s in love with his Mother is the only one who appears to be even semi-literate and he wasn’t there.

The angry one kept trying to contact his father and finally got through to him via the awful cards. I gatherer that his father let him in, he met some Lords of Chaos and they had a chat, finally about something interesting. Me! The father wisely kept his own council and send them on their way.

They chatted incessantly about nothing… Gods Above, if there’s any way to succeed at this it will be wonderful to unweave them.

The one who is Sexually Attracted to the Tailor and that Tree goes to visit the tree. I imagine they had some degenerate interaction. I am to understand that the Tree easily out-thought them all.

The Woman whined. No one cared.

I did much more fun things! I sent pockets of Zombie’s into Amber! Then Vampires! I specifically send Vampires to the Tailors house. Maybe I can make the Tree Lover cry! That would be fun at least!!

The chuckleheads return and they headed right for the Tailors (even when they were told not to.)

Amazingly, the Tree Lover was struck from the sky.

Castle Amber was locked down, but, in typical Amber fashion, no one thought to guard the servants entrance. I broke in. That’s where I am right now. I’ll just take a moment to gratify myself and then pop down to the Pattern room and rewrite Amber. Nothing will go wrong now!

Game 8
Battle with Sh'Shari

At the beginning of the game:
Clement is studying the Jewel of Judgement with his mother back in Amber.
David is looking for his trumps back in the Elf world.
Sara and Finn are in Afghanistan.

David is not successful in finding his lost trumps from the happy elves, despite his best efforts. After meeting with successive failures, he shadow walks back to the rendezvous point.

After some preparation, we call in for re-inforcements! Benedict and Julian appear, and Julian brings 6 Rangers with him. Tactical positions are taken, and we await for the arrival of Sh’Shari.

Diplomacy goes bad when Finn opens up with his AK-47. One of the moonriders turns into a giant dinosaur, and lucky for Julian he gets to fight it!!

Galen makes a B- line for David, and for the entire fight, both combatants try not to injure one another. But this ties up David for the entire fight.

Sara runs away in panic.

Wyndham shadow walks out of there.

Finn disappears.

Benedict fights Sh’Shari who has an annoying shield that messes with time and space.

Since Clement is one of the only visible combatants, he gets the joy of fighting a sorceror one on one!! Go Clement!

Finn manages drugs the dinosaur with a bag of happy dust. Sadly, the dinosaur coughs this up on Julian too and some comedy ensues. Finn later poisons Sh’Shari by dropping the poison above her head, and it eventually falls on her. Benedict uses this same tactic and picks up a boulder and tosses it over her head. Realizing she’s been had, Sh’shari vanishes like a wussy.

The other moonriders disengage in haste.

After the battle, there is much confusion. Two of the rangers are dead, and David heals the 4 that remain (with white magic!!) Wyndham ends up going back to Amber and stealing the Jewel of Judgement. Fiona links with Clement to search for Flora, and we find a clear path to where she is being held. The dinosaur runs off, and destroys a villiage.

David uses his pattern sword and carves into the rock. “Just another Battle, General Brigandine. Nice planet, think we may stay.”

The group, minus Sara and Wyndham, go to a villiage, where David then assumes his Angellic form. We by-pass the guards without a fight and we finally rescue Flora. We go back to Amber…we discuss David’s origin (Father was Osiric, mother was Sh’Tora). And something about the Jewel of Judgement being stolen by Wyndham.

Most importantly, Bandy has finished my General’s jacket, and so we celebrate victory at the White Pony in style.

Game Log 5 - 6

As the group dealt with the aftermath of the Moon Rider attack on Random, the King redirected (dare we say randomized?) them with a new task: locating Flora, who had gone missing after being sent to Shadow Earth on a dual mission; to ramp up gun manufacture in light of the security situation, and to protect the Jewel of Judgement, with which she had been entrusted. Random suspects a security leak within the Royal Family, given that no one outside that circle had knowledge of Flora’s mission. It was not immediately evident which part of her mission resulted in her disappearance. She had also been tasked with restoring gun production on Shadow Earth.

David and Finn made some preparations of their own, and then we gathered at the Castle with traveling supplies and mounts for our trip to Shadow Earth. Our plan was to approach Flora’s residence somewhat indirectly, in case the location was under surveillance.

After an uneventful trip through Shadow, we arrived in a settlement near Flora’s home on Earth. It was the sort of village known as a “suburb,” which linguistically indicates that it should be below ground or at least downhill from a larger settlement.

Given the technological nature of the Shadow, we decided to send our horses back to Amber so as to remain inconspicuous. This left us with a transportation issue, so to resolve that as well as the question of our precise location relative to Flora’s home, we approached a dwelling. The occupants were unwilling to speak with us, so we tried another. The locals there were willing to speak with us, and we learned our location was called Phallic Hills, and was a few miles from Flora’s residence.

The locals also allowed us to use one of their communication devices to summon transport. Travel to Flora’s from there was as simple as giving the cab driver the coordinates.

On arrival at Flora’s, Finn and David undertook to scout the premises. Unfortunately, an alarm was triggered, so we were forced to fall back to contingency plans. Finn and David set about arranging a diversion, by using the body of the driver to create the appearance that he was the cause of the alarm.

When it became apparent that security forces were responding to the alarm, I Walked with Sarah to a nearby shadow to wait. Finn and David enacted the next stage of their plans, Finn investigating the house, David sowing panic. This went very well, as I understand it.

[This is where David randomly killed the neighbors, then some cops, then pretended to have been captured by a gay terrorist to hold the cops off. Confusion was definitely sown.]

I received a very faint Trump contact from Flora that cut out before anything could be said. After regrouping, we determined to attempt a group Trump attempt to contact Flora. There was considerable interference of a mysterious nature, but we did establish faint contact. We determined that she had been abducted, was in an area known as “the middle east” near some sort of war zone, and were instructed to “Find the rings!” before the interference overwhelmed the connection.

Finn returned to Flora’s home, searching for these rings, as well as clues as to who abducted her, or other information. He did find her black book, and took part of a technological device used to store and manipulate information. Most importantly, he found one ring, which it appeared Flora had performed some Pattern manipulation around to make likely that one of us would find it.

This ring appeared to be part of a construct that was made of three parts that need to be connected. Sarah read its history, and learned that it had been left behind when someone stole Flora’s jewelry collection. Sadly we were stymied in identifying the thief.

In order to facilitate investigation within the Shadow, we enacted several plans to garner local resources. Finn made a detour to Amber to ask Random for local currency. David investigated other avenues to collect resources [by making himself a Youtube STAR!].

Sarah and I traveled to a local “mall” to locate assistance with extracting data from Flora’s “hard drive” from her “computer.” We were directed to a fruit-themed establishment, and Sarah concocted a ruse based on female vulnerability to elicit aid. I’m baffled that such a thing works, but it did, quite well. A young man named Danny was able to show us how to transfer information from Flora’s device to one we could access, but we still had the issue of local currency. Fortunately Finn arrived with the money from Random, and we were able to purchase the device. Sarah convinced Danny to help her access the “encrypted” information using devices at his home. Finn and I joined her at Danny’s residence after she had incapacitated him with drink.

From Danny’s apartment, I scryed around for traces of the other rings to match the one found at Flora’s. I located one in a pawn shop not far away, which Finn went to investigate.

In the meantime, David’s plan to acquire local resources culminated in his capture by local authorities. I received a Trump contact from their representative General Brigandine, who seemed to operate under some paranoid and possibly megalomaniac delusions. We were unable to reach an understanding, but I did deactivate my Pattern lens as a gesture of good faith.

Session 6:

We combined our talents for a group Trump to David, discovering him drugged and shackled in a laboratory. Finn went through the connection to attempt to free him, but was unable to do so before guards arrived. There was considerable interference with the Trump contact, apparently caused by technological devices employed by his captors. Their monitoring of our activity likely taught them even more about the nature of Trump, sadly.

David was able to escape by tapping into some sort of energy field in apparently the same fashion that the Oleai/MoonRiders use to travel. He was stranded by the technique, but encountered Lord Tenser, who appears to be monitoring us all in order to track Finn. Tenser was kind enough to help David return to Amber, where he clothed himself and then returned to us. Finn also escaped the facility and rejoined us in Danny’s apartment.

We decided to take advantage of some assumptions about us shared by the locals of the shadow, namely that we are “aliens.” In their context, this presumes we are from a remote section of their shadow, possibly another planetary body, and that our abilities are based on more advanced technology.

On that basis, Danny was able to communicate with other locals who monitor government activity around that topic, learning that they were aware of David’s capture & imprisonment at Area 51, and footage of his exploits in pursuit of local resources.

We also found a photograph of General Brigandine, which David passed to Bleys, along with his psychic impression of the General, so that a Trump of the General could be made.

Based on Sarah’s viewing of the thief who stole Flora’s jewelry, we found his name and residence; Matt Blanchard, of Queens, New York, convicted petty thief. Danny drove us to his residence to confront him.

At Blanchard’s home, Finn captured him, and Sarah interrogated him to discover if he had the third ring. He had kept it intending to use it in a courtship ritual. When his intended arrived, Sarah implied she and Blanchard were romantically connected. Finn also injured Blanchard as punishment for his theft. We retrieved the ring, and confiscated Blanchard’s other loot as well.

We contacted General Brigandine by “phone” which was largely fruitless, but he did offer indirect confirmation of the involvement of a group known as the “Russian Mafia” in Flora’s affairs.

We pursued contact with one of Flora’s contacts, Ivan Tangorish, to ascertain if he had been involved in her abduction. Despite some difficulties convincing him to meet with unknown persons, we were able to arrange a meeting. Sarah was able to read him, concluding that his contacts with Flora had been professional, and he bore her no ill will. It seems unlikely that he personally or through associates had any part in her abduction.

After returning to Danny’s, we attempted another group Trump contact with Flora. Finn opted to remain apart, out of an excess of caution that proved entirely reasonable; some Trump trickery disrupted the concert of our attempt, splitting us into separate contacts, whereupon someone used the contact David was attempting to dominate him psychically. Fortunately Finn was free to subdue David.

Game Log 4
How not to Use a Pattern Sword!

To start things off:
Jericho and Sarah are heading to shadow Earth
Finn, David and Clement are in Castle Amber

Jericho and Sarah find themselves in a cave somewhere in Louisiana looking at a broken pattern where Jericho informs Sarah of his plans to make the broken pattern whole.
Knowing his limits, Jericho trumps Clement, the resident non-Fiona pattern master and confers with him about pattern. Jericho then brings up his broken pattern lens and examines the area, then decides he needs a Jewel of Judgment so he conjures one up. He produces a large and rather gaudy diamond. Turning to Clement, he asks how the Jewel of Judgment is used. Satisfied for the moment, he ends the trump with Clement then trumps Lord Byron where he and Sarah trump to a fixed logrus shadow. Not having any luck with his plans, Jericho now trumps David and he pulls the two of them through to his rather bland and dark room in Castle Amber. Clement, in need to heal up from previous “adventuring” is not healthy enough to help Jericho. So the ever impatient Jericho, with Davids magical assistance, wants to necrotically heal Clement so he can aid in his devious plans. Davis trumps Finn and Jericho trumps Clement and soon all are in David’s rooms.

To Central Park our band of adventurers go! Finn proceeds to “aquire” a couple of shadow dwellers so David can heal up Clement. With success, Finn then hides the volunteers lifeless bodies up in a tree then the group shadow walks to the broken pattern. Here Jericho admits to his desires to merge Pattern and Logrus and how fixing the broken pattern will give him a whole pattern to use in his diabolical scheme! Jericho walks the cracks of the broken pattern and Sarah tries to read it with out touching it. Then with more bravado than intelligence, Jericho walks the Pattern part of the broken Pattern and quickly finds himself with an impassible crevasse in front of him. Clement trumps Jericho, trying to assist and Sarah steps in on of the cracks. Clement then brings up his lens and Sarah mysteriously gets knock down over the pattern “by her little friend” and crosses three lines (which should be very bad) yet remains uninjured. Davis then thinks about retracing the broken pattern with his sword. Realizing he can not go through Jericho without going through Jericho, he hands his pattern sword to Jericho. With the Pattern Sword in hand, Jericho slowly makes his way to the middle of the Pattern and feels the new necrotic void within him, the price of using the sword. Clement again brings up his lens and see Jericho wrapped in the Warped Pattern. Jericho, now bring warped, feels the hunger for true Pattern and warns Clement not to come near, or a snack he will become.

Clement and Finn trump (worried about the consequences of what just happened) back to Amber to inform Random of what just happened. Random tells the two young Amberites to gather up Fiona, Gerard and Lewella to aid in their dilemma. With the Elders collected, Clement trumps David and the group returns to the scene of poor judgment. Fiona shoots a bolt of Pattern energy into Jericho to feed the hunger within. Jericho, hunger temporarily satiated, teleports next to David and returns his sword. The group then goes outside the cave and discusses the situation, including what to do with a pattern hungry Jericho on the loose. Fiona exits a few minutes later and informs the group of an attack on Random.

Finn trumps to Amber and runs to Randoms office and is immediately followed by David and Clement. Jericho trumps Flora and he and Sarah pass through to Flora in Castle Amber. Random had been attacked by “Moon Raiders” and a few of them where killed in the attack. David calls upon his necrotic magic and talks to the deceased enemy. The Moon Rider talks of the Son of the Sunset Lord and of his genocide of the Moon Riders. He also spoke of his destiny with Sh’Shari and how they rode the waves to get here. Sarah, having arrived here at some point, scold David about wanting to get her killed. Finn then trumps Benedict trying to convince him of the return of the Moon Riders, to little avail.

Jericho turns into a Raven and flies off to Lord Byron where they discuss metaphysics and what Jericho did on Shadow Earth. David trumps Delwin looking for answers. The group realizes that David is the son of Osric. David then tells the group about his “episodes” and how everything is starting to come together when another “episodes” occurs. David, then turns to Sarah and her amazing insight and together they learn that David’s mother is Ollei and he remembers the disc his mom left him. He uses the disc and see’s a person named Galen talking to a woman. David then shares this latest vision with the group about how Pattern burned and destroyed the Ollei.

The group then discusses following up with the dead servant. Jericho asks Sarah to read him and he learns he was “re-birthed” when he died walking the Broken Pattern. Finn and Sarah then go to the morgue and examine the dead servant and discover that he was Ollei too. The group then discusses Sarah’s previous rant and determine David is the Touchstone. Finn then picks Random’s locked desk drawer and takes the trump of the Helmwind Ambassador.

Here ends session 4.

Game Log Three
The Rise of Sara

Introducing Sarah! Last remaining family member of a noble line; her family was killed off during the pattern war. She is not of the blood, a bit loony and she hears voices that are exceptionally humorous. Wish they could share!

She’s attractive, flakey, and a Psychic Think Dion Warwick without the YEEESH factor

Clement is working in the Lab, hoping to unravel some of the mysteries of the zombies and the stone armour clad moonrider gone statues.

Jericho goes into the dungeon impersonating King Random. Comedy ensues when he can’t find the pattern room. I think he left it in here somewhere!

Jericho intended to walk the pattern, but Fiona appeared in the pattern room (she had it warded to know if anyone would enter the room) She warns Jericho that if he tries to find out if he’s of the blood in this manner, he will explode. Though this amuses her, she felt that Random would think differently

Jericho abandons his original plan.

At this point, I go talk to Bandy, the best tailor in all of Amber. Have you heard of him? Anyway, I guess gems in clothes are all the rage now, so I’ve offered to help him out in this regard.

Clement sends a royal messenger to Sarah to help in his investigations

Sarah practices her psychometry on the stuff we found off of the “moonriders”—she determined that there was no sense of forging of the armour, it simply just became into being.

Sarah, taunted by the voices, goes into a darker line in scrying the armour.

Apparently she sees the end of reality or something, because she doesn’t mention Bandy’s even once.

She becomes translucent in her trance and screams out “Oleai”

Meanwhile, Finn is off doing something questionable. You know, HEY I’m AN ASSASSIN OR SNEAKY TYPE. WHISPER WHISPER, don’t mind me!

We disbelieve, but whatever, he seems to do a good job at whatever he does, so we let it slide

Finn goes invisible when he sees two servants fighting. He throws poison darts at both of them. One falls instantly, the other just staggers and takes it. It’s a shape shifter. Great!

The shifter murders the servant, and Finn bails. The shifter abandon’s pursuit when it becomes obvious there are just too many witnesses.

Jericho goes to the Chaosian Embassy to talk to Lord Byron about his crazy scheme to combine broken pattern with Logrus, on some shadow world in between Logrus and Amber.

Basically Lord Byron says, um…yeah good luck with that.

Clement, Sarah and David go to the King for a lil chat.

David’s magic seems to upset Sarah for some reason, she’s probably just afraid of the dark

David conjures a chair made of shadow, which seems to demonstrate that all his powers are not totally necromantic in nature. They are practical!

Sarah touches David to see his past. She sees a lot of the ugliness that he has had to endure. She see’s David’s mother, a strong sense of Authority, but no name or anything clear

Finn Joins in, and we are taken to the investigation in the library, where Finn witnessed the shapeshifter kill a servant

Sarah uses her psychometry to determine the nature of the conflict

Both servants were looking for “Metaphysical treaties on the Jewel of Judgement.”

Odd that 2 people were l ooking for it. 2 sides of something going on?

Sarah says: “Sunset Lord will pay for his crimes against the people”

Commanded by Sh’shari

David speaks with the dead, but not much more information is found

Jericho and Clement planning on bringing Logrus into broken pattern…um…why guys! Lol

David goes to the Wild Pony after having an “episode” where he becomes unconscious and has some visions…David does not share the visions with the others but he does say…while quite drunk…that the Oleai did not have a chance…they just didn’t see it coming.

David goes to the Wild Pony with 2 buckets of gems that Jericho conjured. There he met a new friend Marissa, a bar maid who has now become David’s counselor!!

In the morning, Llewella comes into David’s room, not for nooky, but to teach him how to use his Pattern Sword

Yes, David’s sword is a pattern sword

Llewella takes David through a regiment of physical and mental training to become unified with his new found weapon.

Later, Finn wanted to go check something out in the golden shadow of Helmwind

David agrees to go…we go on horseback


Lord Tensor, from Chaos, appears to spring a trap of logrus that captures Finn! He’s helpless and cannot do anything!

A ring of archers appear around us!

Surrounded! Surprised! And Finn is Helpless!

Indeed a masterful plan!

David chats with Lord Tensor, and they have a picnic drinking strong ale from the Chaos realms.

It appears as though Lord Tensor is a bounty hunter and was specifically looking for Finn. And he caught him!

I invite Clement to the party via the trump.

We all sit and chat and discuss how marvelous and wonderful Lord Tensor’s brilliant plan worked out perfectly

Then we strike!

David lunges through shadow spanning the distance between him and the tendrils that hold Finn in an instant!

He cuts the tendrils with his pattern sword


Finn is released, David blasted down.

In the Confusion, Clement becomes the target!

Clement thinks fast and throws a pattern bomb!

HOLY SHIT A PATTERN WHAT? BOOOOOOOM it explodes when it hit logrus

Clement is down! But not dead

Logrus races towards David

David activates his shadow shield, then cuts at the tentacles with his pattern sword

BOOOM another explosion and Lord Tensor and David are on their butts

David escapes through the Shadow teleporting miles away

Finn Escapes through the trump

Finn pulls David and Clement through via the trump

Back in Amber, licking our wounds, but Finn was rescued!

Game Log Two
Enter the Oleai

David helps out at Bandies, making clothes, helping out in the back

David then helps out Bandies Marketing! By talking to the public about how great it is, showing them inside and intimidating people without intentionally doing so.

David gives up on this as soon as it looks as though the whole “Necrotic” thing scares people

David Talked to Fiona about his sword, “Shadow Soul”—-She seems to think it was very dangerous and that David should be careful with it. Nothing more was discerned.

Talked with Random about Alicia….told him what I know, and he let it be known that she may yet still live…

Random gave us a mission to the Golden Shadow of Helmwind. There is no centralized government, and it looks as though there has been a lot of violence…diplomatic mission!

A woman tried to contact me via trump…like someone was scrying

I go blank, and fall unconscious. I ask Bleys to open a psychic link to me, to determine who it is. He saw the woman too, but not much information was revealed. Someone is looking for me…that is for sure

We took a Carriage to Helmwind

We spoke with the Embassador there about wools and sheepskin…So I took samples back for Bandies!

We head to the town of Corrizant, which was where the last violence erupted

The town is all dead.

I talked with the dead to see what had happened…The man described the attack as white armoured riders, they came in fast and hard and wiped out the town.

It is clear that this is a professional hit, and not something random.

We went to investigate the next town over..which was still alive

On the road, we encounter the white ceramic armoured “knights”—we engage in combat, we are outnumbered and outgunned, and it is clear that we are outmatched.

My necrotic spells are smashed by their radiant magic

However, I manage to kill 2 of them, and turn them to stone with my sword…I’m guessing their “radiant” magic is the opposite to my shadow magic of my sword. Poof! Instant statues!

When Cornered, I escape through the Void, sadly leaving Jericho and Clement behind

This freaks them out, and they escape instantly.

We take the armour back to Amber. I wear a set of it

This seems to disturb some paladin guy who has the same armour. We go to visit him to explain, but he leaves. Stupid long walk to the woods for nothing!

I go to Random with the armour on. Mostly for effect

I explain that the circular emblem is the same one Delwin uses.

I explain too that I contacted Delwin to ask him about it…he says that the Moonriders have returned…whatever the heck that means.

I tell this to Random, and he tells me that he wishes to speak with Delwin immediately. (I guess there was some spat with Oberron many many moons ago, and Delwin is still sore about it. )

I go to the armoury and have them paint the armour black with some cool patterns on it, to make it more distinctive

I call up Bleys, he seems to be having an argument with some woman

He sounds pleased when I tell him we should all go out drinking. So we do!!

We go to the White Pony to have Blue Fizzies or something.

I am attacked psychically , and I recall having a vision of my Mother….but it is foggy and distant

I escape through the void when I reach consciousness

It turns out it was Jericho trying to help me out during my vision

I jump back to the party via the trump, and I pretend like my vision was nothing, all the while it is all that I can think about

Louella shows up, and notices my sword…

We chat for awhile, and her and Bleys exchange impolite mockery.

A sudden storm picks up…at some point, and turns the bar into a hurricane. Man these drinks are awesome!


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