A deceased Amberite. Son of Dierdre. Almost destroyer of Amber.


Psyche 32
Strength 1
Endurance 2
Warfare 1

Advanced Pattern Imprint 75

Ally, Amber 1
Ally, Amber 1
Ally, Amber 1
Good Stuff 5
Amber Court Devotee 6


Mother: Dierdre

Character Quiz

1. A&E wants to do an episode of biography on you, the script writer has to write a summary that is accurate yet intriguing enough to attract viewers, how would this summary read?

Tonight on A&E the story of a son, groomed for the throne. The throne stolen from his mother by the misogynistic “Princes” of Amber. If a woman was not good enough to serve, perhaps her son will be. Never having sworn fealty to Random, and emerging from the Shadow claiming to have knowledge of his mother’s whereabouts, who knows what future awaits. But the son is young and distracted by worldly pursuits… Tonight, after Matlock.

2. Describe how you would most like to die.

I do not understand the question. Dying is for shadows.

3. Describe your parents, from your perspective.

Mother was tossed into the Abyss by that Bastard Brand. Eventually I’ll get around to punishing him. Oh, if I told you about Mother I would give up all my political capital, now wouldn’t I?

4. Everyone has that one thing they did as a child they are ashamed of, what is this memory for you? Have you done anything to put it to rest?

I trusted a childhood friend. Mother soon taught me the error of trust. I shan’t make that mistake again.

5. Castle and Garden is doing a feature on your room at Castle Amber, (or whatever is appropriate). What do they see when they walk in the door? What do you tell them when they ask for your inspiration?

They’re in my fucking room? They see their Death as a trap of Logos is sprung, strong enough to kill these home invaders. What do I tell them? You shouldn’t break into people’s rooms. Then I tell them, you look all funny while you asphyxiate.

6. What would your dream date be like, both the person and the circumstances.

Date? I take my pleasure my way, quickly and privately. So stop asking you freak.

7. What would provoke you to murder a shadowdweller?


8. Why would other’s dislike you?

I am utterly disinterested in others opinions of me.

9. What were you like at age 10? What was your environment like at that time?

Challenging. Learning how to use an axe, how not to trust and the reasons Brand should die and why Random does not deserve my mother’s (or my) throne. I was in constant training to learn to rule.

10. Corwin never mentions you in his Chronicles, why is that?

Because he is a bastard. Plain and simple.

11. What is your favorite method of dealing with an enemy? Murder, if so, is there a favorite method? Reconciliation? Bargaining? Threats? Direct Challenge? Other?

Building a strong relationship based on respect and trust, then preemptively betraying them, they were going to betray me, it was just a matter of time.

12. Describe your first visit to Amber (assuming such has taken place)? What was it like, what did you think at the time?

I have been, slowing rebuilding my House. It is the cesspit that Mother described.


1) Oratory – the trained skill to speak (convince people you’re “one of them”; inspire troops,etc.)
2) Leadership – the trained skill in how to effectively lead
3) Deceit – the trained skill to intentionally deceive people
4) Melee Weapons – Axe, specialty
5) Soldiering – the training a martial professional receives (camoflgue, hand to hand combat, military decorum, survival, etc.)
6) Savoir-Faire – the training to mix with the upper classes (manners, etiquette, formal dancing, etc.)
7) Military Science – Strategy and Tactics
8) History – Amber Family
9) Bureaucracy – the skill of knowing who does what in an organization and how to manipulate them
10) Administration – the ability to effectively manage bureaucracies.


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