Sarah Demosi

The last of her family, Sarah is an oracle with a checkered reputation.


Very attractive woman with fair skin. She stand 5’8" With black hair and silver eyes. Her preferred clothing is fashionable and flowing in soft blues or other light colors. She often seems distracted.

Psyche: 65
Strength: A
Endurance: 15
Warfare : A


  • Primally Connected(10)
  • Retro-Viewing on Objects(5)
  • Retro-Viewing on People(5)
  • Control Visions(5)
  • Precognition(5)
  • Force Re-experience(10)

Trump ID (5)
Friend of Importance(2)
Bad(10)—Shadow Entity, precog uncontrolled, possible power backlash, not taken seriously
Trump Deck(0)


Character Quiz

1. A&E wants to do an episode of biography on you, the script writer has to write a summary that is accurate yet intriguing enough to attract viewers, how would this summary read?
Sarah lives a quiet life in Amber, something of a recluse, there is a bit of mystery surrounding her. She is the last surviving member of a noble bloodline, and seems haunted by the experience. Some believe she is faking, others think it is a trauma block(some just do not care), but she does not seem to have any clear memories of what happened to her family nor memories even of her early childhood. While usually seen in the upper circles, she does not appear to have any interest in the political maneuverings of Amber, and some would say she seems utterly lacking in any political savy whatsoever. While most would say she is an attractive woman, most dismiss her as the Amber equivalent of Paris Hilton, with the only slightly more interesting tragedy of being the last of her line.
Sarah seems to have a minor ability of getting impressions or ideas from items, but as her guesses are usually more wrong than right, it is viewed as just one more example of the eccentricity of a person with too much wealth and time on their hands.

2. Describe how you would most like to die.
If dying were a test, I would like to fail that test.

3. Describe your parents, from your perspective.
Blank. No they are not Blanks or Blankety Blanks! I just do not remember them.

4. Everyone has that one thing they did as a child they are ashamed of, what is this memory for you?
Well one time when I was young, I blank…
Have you done anything to put it to rest?
It would seem my mind is, really, REALLY good about putting things to rest for me.

5. Castle and Garden is doing a feature on your room at Castle Amber, (or whatever is appropriate). What do they see when they walk in the door? What do you tell them when they ask for your inspiration? She has an estate, moderately successful but not extravagant. Her lifestyle would be classified as comfortable. She might say living quietly would be her inspiration. She does not appear to want for anything and yet she is not exactly happy. Content, the more than casual observer might note that there seems to be a cloud hanging around her, uncertain as to whether she is just unhappy or perhaps haunted by her past.

6. What would your dream date be like, both the person and the circumstances.
Now here is a question I like!! No boars, ogres, bulls, pigs, jackasses or dogs please(in fact I prefer keeping it in my species please). Treat me as an equal in mind, in experience and in conversation, make me feel protected and appreciated, take me dancing, sweep me off my feet, but let me walk on my own and we will get along just fine. If you are worrying about whether or not you will get to sleep with me, don’t worry(you won’t). If you can just sit and enjoy your time with me, be present with me(you may just get to unwrap me).

7. What would provoke you to murder a shadowdweller?
Well one time there was this itch I could not scratch..bloodthirsty much?
I am pondering how much more provoking before I kill an interviewer. Are you asking me do I believe in justifiable homicide, how about just simple self-defense? I have no desire to take anyone’s life, but then I like living more than I hate killing.

8. Why would other’s dislike you?
<sigh> Why would you ask me, and not them? I learned a long time ago it is best for me to keep my thoughts to myself, so unless you REALLY want me to tell you why(which I won’t), please ask them for the reason they are willing to give(lots of luck getting the truth).

9. What were you like at age 10?
I would imagine I was like any 10 year old, again, sorry I do not remember, but I imagine I was as happy as any child that would get uncontrollable images of death and pain would be…
What was your environment like at that time?
I would say it was pretty blanky with my blank parents. I would imagine I was not very happy or liked, no one tends to like someone that seems to know too much.

10. Corwin never mentions you in his Chronicles, why is that?
Corwin who<wink>?
I imagine Corwin could answer that question better than I. I would imagine talking about someone as mundane as the local “psychic” might not make for the most compelling reading.

11. What is your favorite method of dealing with an enemy? The easy answer is make them a friend, but sometimes it does not work out. I have never enjoyed even the idea of taking a life, try seeing what I do around murders, it is not fun. I think turning the other cheek works, well at least twice… Murder, if so, is there a favorite method? Kill with kindness? No? How about boredom? I do not recall ever taking a life, nor would I imagine ever wanting to. I am not saying violence never resolves anything, ask the Dodo or baby seals how violence resolved things for them. I cannot help seeing what I see or knowing what I know, that doesn’t make we want to consult a crystal, hug a tree or not eat a delicious steak, just do not ask me to think about the steak too much please.

12. Describe your first visit to Amber (assuming such has taken place)? What was it like, what did you think at the time?
Home. I never really want to leave, thinks are nice a quiet for me here. I do not care terribly about politics so I find home quite..relaxing.

Sarah Demosi

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