Jericho Delacroix

A mysterious earth born shapeshifter played by Tim Bruhn


Physical Characteristics
5’11”, 169lbs, black hair, dark green eyes,
Muscular build, and quirky fashion style. Favored
colors are purple and turquoise.

Psyche: 30
Strength: 20
Endurance: 5
Warfare: 1
(cost 56)

Broken Pattern (cost 20)
Shapeshift (cost 30)
Minor conjuration (cost 10)
Friend of the Blood; Flora (cost 3)

Good Stuff: (cost 1)
Other Powers: Pheromone attraction (cost 4),
Points Not spent: 1

Five things that Jericho is good at

1. Insight. Jericho knows when someone is bluffing, lying, in denial. He is deadly at poker. He knows when someone is about to lie. He reads your body language before you even know what your own intention is.
2. Cooking. He could give Mario Batelli a run for his money.
3. Intercourse. With his gift with insight, the man knows just how to get you where you want to be.
4. Music. He is intuitively good with guitars, and other string instruments.
5. Billiards. A barfly gets either good with darts or pool.


Character Name: Jericho “Sugar” Delacroix
Age: appears 28, really about 58.

Jericho “Sugar” Delacroix is a handsome African-American male with a quirky fashion sense. In his lifetime he has been a pimp (hence the nickname), a civil rights activist associated with the black panthers, and most recently as a fortune teller in Louisiana.

Jericho does not know who his father is (he is probably one of the members of the Court of Amber). As far as he was concerned, his mother was a beautiful black woman who read fortunes. When he was seventeen, his mother informed him that it was time for Jericho to be a man and leave the nest. She was going to find his father.

In all reality, his mother was not a normal human from the Shadow, but a shapeshifter who adopted a human form and had a good degree of psychic power. When Jericho was 45, he received powerful dreams that compelled him to leave Chicago and move back to New Orleans. He was guided to a remote swamp where he discovered some unusual remains: a disturbing pale mass of biomatter that communicated with him telepathically. This thing explained that it was the remnants of his mother, and that her true psychic self was traversing on her quest. The remains then bade Jericho to consume some of it, thereby unlocking his own latent psychic powers. His mother’s remains then dissolved, but before that letting him know that he was a child of “the Pattern or Logrus or maybe both”, (whatever that meant).

Jericho stumbled through life, trying to divine what his mother meant. In one of his misadventures, he discovered a Broken Pattern on his Shadow, and intuitively walked it on his own. Shortly thereafter he was found my Flora and brought to the Courts. In his short time there, he has unlocked some of his shapeshifting potential, and now believes although he may be prevented from walking The Pattern, that there may be other interesting ways to secure power.

Jericho Delacroix

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