David (James Evansten) Bariman

Dark in look and darker in spirit, David is an unknown from a desolate Shadow - played by Craig Krohn


I am a Son. I am a brother. I am an Orphan. I am a Man. I am a Widower. But perhaps you wanted something more definitive. I am a murderer. I am Shadow. I am the cracks in the Earth. I am the leader of the NeverAfter. I am the bringer of destruction, and I am Sorrow.

Father – Sunset Lord (Corwin?)
Mother – Sh’Tora, killed by Benedict.
Lover – Alicia (Dierdra?)

Age 35 Male White 6’0” 190 lbs
Points: 166 Total
Points Not Spent: 0

Tatoos on Face and Body, given to him by his Cult Members and Alicia.
Wears a Jacket like General Brigandine.

Strength 5
Endurance 20
Warfare 52
Psyche 1

Sorcery 15
Necrotic Affinity 5
Radiant Affinity 5
Pattern 30
Imprint 15
Shadow Walk 5
Hellride 5
Manipulate Probability 5
Vitae 15
Sense and Enter Wave Peaks 5
Trump Tricks
Caller ID 5
Item: Sword
Multiple Forms 2
Destructive Damage 6
Skinning/ Tanning
Leather Working


Regarding a Tactical Attack:
“Be patient. Shadows are forever patient. They stretch and reach across the sands while the sun slowly sinks. They envelop the world, but only at the right moment.”
A follower replied, But doesn’t the day always defeat the night? Does not the light cut through the darkness?
“Where there is light, there is always shadow. It is light that casts a shadow. Shadow cannot cast a light. And yet, in the absence of light there is always shadow. I place my hope in shadow then, because it is ever close.”

Restrained in a Hospital Bed
Somewhere near Area 51

David’s thoughts drifted in a dream like state as he lay in immobilized like a lab rat. What had he been telling them this entire time? Hopefully he didn’t disclose anything completely relevant. Images danced in the sorcerers mind; recent images of horror and error. He recalled his actions in a residential neighborhood near Flora’s residence. He recalled chopping up a family with the Father’s soul. Had that been the first time he heard the soul’s scream of agony? David was sure it had happened before, but maybe he just didn’t pay that much attention to it.

David weakly pulled at his restraints. Not in an attempt to break free, but just to remind himself that they were indeed there. This was the first time David had ever felt defeated. Sure the zombies in Amber wasn’t exactly a victory, nor was the swim in the lake of necrotic fun either. But this was different. David then recalled the look Delwin gave him as he witnessed the shadow magic that David possessed. Disappointment. That was the word. David had turned out to be a solid disappointment for Delwin. Perhaps that is the real reason Delwin did not answer any trump calls?

David’s thoughts then drifted to the magical lights that Delwin displayed. How polar opposite it seemed, but yet still of the same coin no? Both harnessed the powers of life, did they not? And so, perhaps David and Delwin were not as different as he originally thought. Perhaps if David could harness such an understanding of the other side of the coin others would accept him more. Perhaps it could even give him insight as to how to get out of the mess he found himself in.

“I guess I can’t just go around ripping souls out of people, “ David suddenly said to the scientist in the room. “Your people believe that your lives are significant! So, perhaps then they are.”

David turned away. Why did he say that? Probably was just thinking aloud; stupid drugs. David did not like being held captive. It reminded him terribly of the time he had to endure watching the horrors bestowed upon his family after the war. It reminded him of helplessness, and hopelessness. Desperately David tried to pursue another line of thought. With each breathe he wanted to retreat into the arms of darkness around him, if only he had the strength to do it. There, in the dark, he could hide for weeks if he had to. But alas, that avenue of escape was not within his grasp at the moment. And so David attempted to escape in another way…

The brilliance of light magic that Delwin displayed entered David’s thoughts, and indeed permeated his being. Perhaps he should pursue this light magic, perhaps then others would see him differently. The darkness was consuming him, as did his swim in the necrotic ocean. David had always thought that his magic was used for a greater good, but perhaps that good wasn’t as important as how it was delivered. David tried to recall the tendrils of magic Delwin displayed, and how he wove his magic. David’s mind then filled with a new sense of hope. Perhaps he had to journey down this dark road, in order to understand where exactly he came from.

Where exactly did he come from?

David didn’t know, but he wasn’t born into the world of shadow and darkness. And his parents played an important role, and David didn’t know where he stood in the grand scheme of things. But he did know that a choice was laid out before him. Would his parents be proud to see the man he had become? Or would they be filled with dread, fear or god forbid…disappointment. How would Alicia see him now?

Alicia. The tattoo on his arm. Walking the pattern while drunk. All these images filled his mind. He could never love another more than he loved Alicia. That was one thing that he was not able to let go. She had died in the wastes did she not? She disappeared. She abandoned him then right? It was clear that Alicia was an amberite, but who was she? Was she alive? Was she held in some hospital bed like this? He so wanted to feel her cheek on his. He wanted to hear her breath as she slept next to him.

An anger boiled momentarily with David, and for a moment he felt shadows swirl around him, but quickly they vanished. The scientist turned, but not in time to see what had just happened. David wanted to talk to the scientist, but he knew it was no use. He was just a freak here, and a labrat. Nothing more. He closed his eyes and tried not to call out to the shadows, but instead tried to call out for the light. The light that he had been shown by Delwin. The light of life, not the casket of death.

Perhaps this would be the key not only to home, but the key to understanding his place in the world. Where shall he stand?

David (James Evansten) Bariman

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