(Andrew, Warrior of Arden)


Psyche 5
Strength 10
Endurance 10
Warfare 100


Good Stuff 1
Ally, Amber
(the family Mandy) 1
Weird Stuff
(when he engages in
coitus he always
Impregnates the woman) 1

Father: Julian


Walking Staff (10) – a plain staff made of gorgeous cherry wood. Taken from the trees of Arden and given to me by my beloved father, Julian. Early on he recognized Andy’s native abilities and created this wonderful weapon for him. Andy’s the first member of the family to master the triple bowshot.

Alternate Form, triple knocked bow
(with mobile aiming for each arrow
with Quiver and Arrows
arrows return to quiver after shot) 2
Alternate Form, Rapier 1
Extra Hard 1
Double Damage 1
Deadly Damage 2
Destructive Damage 3


1. Lovemaking – he is intimately familiar with the Arts of Lovemaking, having formally trained across the Shadows, solo and with the ladies in all variants.
2. Musician – through his long life Andy has mastered the skills of most of the instruments across the different worlds, including his well-practiced and endearing voice.
3. Dance – a Master of the various forms of dance. It helps Andy express beauty and become one with the art that surrounds us all. From ballet, to hip-hop, to the formal dancing of various Shadows and Amber. If there is dance, he’s learned it. He particularly loves to Tango.
4. Farming – only through learning to grow from the land, can we truly appreciate the simple wonders that surround us every day. Andy in an expert gardener (No matter what Zone he’s in.)
5. Parenting – one of the greatest gifts sharing his love has brought to him is many children across many Shadows. Andy is currently aware of forty-eight wonderful children across the different lands he has wandered. He has learned from years of experience at parenting and a passionate study of the subject. He always supports and loves his children and their mothers.
6. Charisma – practiced at being likeable. People like and look up to his honest nature and solid ideals. Men want to be him, and women want to be with him. Depending on aesthetic concerns, he typically obliges. He has practiced and sought knowledge of this skill throughout his life.
7. Beauty – If Flora is the most beautiful girl, Andy is the most handsome man. Rough, tussled, and unforgettable. Andy is not only a natural beauty, he is practiced in the skills of maximizing his assets. He’s built like the Adonis and as careful and practiced with his looks as any Icon.
8. Woodsman – Andy, raised in Arden and taught the Ways of the Wood. Andy is a Master of all skills needed to thrive in the woods, wherever they may be found. Also, he’s pretty good at combat in the woods, even more than normal.
9. Woodworking – good solid work with his hand are what keeps him occupied. He prided himself in building things of true value. He is a master of creating things from wood as a Shadow of a dwarf from NeverWinter is to creating things from stone; this runs the gamut from carpentry to whittling to artistic carving.
10. Veterinarian – Without the love of animals, nothing much else matters. Early in life his father, Julian, realized Andy was good at two things, Warfare (even though he doesn’t have a taste for it) and loving the animals of Arden. Andy went to the best schools to become the premiere Vet in Amber.


Character Quiz

1. A&E wants to do an episode of biography on you, the script writer has to write a summary that is accurate yet intriguing enough to attract viewers, how would this summary read?

Interviewer: Tell us about you? <cue>
Andy: Love, Music, Dancing, Work and Children. That’s my story. I’m a simple man. I don’t believe in “Shadows” and “the Blood” – Mind you , I’m not simple. I understand there is a practical difference, but it’s not right, and I won’t abide it. <cut> “This is all I want to do… forever, if I can.”
Interviewer: What about your alleged abilities defending the Woods? It sounds like when you’re involved in defense it’s an apocalypse?
Andy: I don’t like to talk about that. I do what I have to, reluctantly, but with firmness, when it’s necessary.
Interviewer: Let’s get more into that.
Andy: <stands> I’m sorry, there’s… erm… a veterinary emergency! <walks>

2. Describe how you would most like to die.

I would hope that I don’t, knowing that I’m lucky enough not to have to. But if that time comes I would hope that however I died, it mattered. I’m not a madman, I mean, if I must die I’d LIKE it to be painlessly, with my awareness, with my beloved children and my family and friends around me. But if that couldn’t happen then at least if I could die protecting them. That would be okay. Oh, and I’d die for my father, the Forest of Arden and the animals there so much. I’d die for them. Always. (Dad understands my feelings about the animals, but doesn’t much like that I’m a vegan.)

3. Describe your parents, from your perspective.

My beloved mother Esther raised me in a wonderful village in Arden called, Graney. My Father, who is the unsung Hero of Amber, visited as much as possible, taught me the ways of the Wood, got me an education as a veterinarian and has always been supportive. We’ve disagreed about my veganism, but aside from them, he remains my hero. Anything I can do to assist my children (particularly Mandy’s) mother, my wonderful father or Amber I will do.

4. Everyone has that one thing they did as a child they are ashamed of, what is this memory for you? Have you done anything to put it to rest?

When I young, 18 or so, I came back from my studies and found Morgenstern injured (with a broken leg) and I got scared, frozen with uncertainty rather than help him I ran. Worst of all, when I later saw him, he understood and was fine with my trouble. To try to put it to rest, it’s been my self-imposed duty to heal the Hellhounds and the animals of the Forest of Arden. I eventually told my father and mother about it, my father was amazing; he told me that our moral failures were what taught us to be great. My mother said I was young and not to let it bother me, and then Morgenstern, wonderful Morgenstern, let me know that he would have been fine anyway. But to make reparations for my moral laxity, I always go into war zones and try to help heal those hurt (animals first), stop the conflict and find and long term solution. Someday, I hope to prove to Morgenstern my love of him and my bravery. Someday. He is a wonderful creature.

5.Castle and Garden is doing a feature on your room at Castle Amber, (or whatever is appropriate). What do they see when they walk in the door? What do you tell them when they ask for your inspiration?

I don’t stay at Castle Amber, not because they aren’t welcoming. Because I don’t think they’ve been fair to my father. I’ll still do everything possible, including giving my life in support of Amber and the King, but, to be honest (and I’d say this to their faces) I think they’re kind of jerk-faces. My Dad does a lot for Amber and they just don’t recognize him as they should.

6. What would your dream date be like, both the person and the circumstances.

I don’t try to idealize the women I’ll be with, instead I try to discover the amazing things about each of them and see where that leads us, if anywhere. It’s as wonderful to discover a great friend as it is to find a passionate lover.

7. What would provoke you to murder a shadowdweller?

Murder? That’s an incredibly charged word, I hope I would never find myself murdering another person. I don’t buy the whole Shadow thing. (But I do have a bad habit of… correcting people when they’re intolerant of anyone, disloyal to Amber or AND MOST SERIOUSLY mean to animals.)

8. Why would others dislike you?

There are many reasons. All I can control is how I react to them, and if I choose to escalate a situation. I hate escalating situations. The family is a bit miffed by my fertility.

9. What were you like at age 10? What was your environment like at that time?

It was wonderful. The Forest. It was a Dream.

10. Corwin never mentions you in his Chronicles, why is that?

Two reasons I think.

Most importantly I don’t like drama or fighting, so that makes me boring to talk about.

If I’m to be as open as possible I’d add that men who put undo importance into their “manhood” tend to see me as a threat, both because the ladies respond well to me and the fact that I fight okay. (Also, when I rarely run into family I’m not afraid to express that I think that Corwin and the entire family should have recorded my father’s actions better.)
11. What is your favorite method of dealing with an enemy? Murder, if so, is there a favorite method? Reconciliation? Bargaining? Threats? Direct Challenge? Other?

Negotiation. Bargaining. Reconciliation. Why should you fight? Always try to find common ground. It’s always smarter, a bigger win for both sides and just plain nicer. If an enemy presses and will not, under any circumstances, including self-humiliation be reasonable, then, and only then, you should evaporate them. (Or if they hurt mother, father, Amber or MOST IMPORTANTLY animals or children – those bastards must be ended immediately. Feel pity for them, but end them quickly. )

12. Describe your first visit to Amber (assuming such has taken place)? What was it like, what did you think at the time?

I was a young man the first time I came to Amber. I came with my father and mother and, if I’m to be honest, I was very overwhelmed. It was AMBER, right? I was so excited. I was only 15, but I did find time to slip away. It was intoxicating. I was overwhelmed. It was everything I hoped it would be. I was a bit put off (this was before Random was King) but it was still wonderful. (Although, I like Manhattan better for plays. I met David Mamet once, brilliant playwright!) I did find some time to slip away. I found myself a bar. And the most wonderful girl, Mandy was her name, turns out she was from Amber!

She, bless her heart, lay with me… and often! It was always by a bindle of hay, oh she was a wonderful lady. As we often had business in the city, I soon discovered the wonderful new that she was quickened. While I had other children in Arden I didn’t have any in the city proper. So I asked her to keep our secret. Since we layed by the bindle and she was Mindy, we decided to name our son, Bandy (and keep from him that he was one of the Blood.) To my absolute joy he found a passion for fashion design and established his own business. I haven’t seen him for years (I haven’t been back to Amber for awhile, I’ve been building a massive tree-house for my family in Arden) but I can’t wait to see what he’s become. The Family Mandy, and my son, the Fashion Designer of the Blood, Bandy expresses everything about what is Right and Proper about Amber.

NOTE: Andy is well know to the Elders of Amber – Andy lives a simple life, fucking and loving and singing and such, but when his father asks, he stops being a gadabout and is, reluctantly willing to fulfill his “destiny” – as the next best General in Amber. He really doesn’t like to fight. Unless you’ve hurt his family, Amber, or MOST IMPORTANTLY animals, then unless you’re very adept in ways that no one expected, you should be terribly afraid. Terribly.


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