Dreaming in the Real

The End of Wyndham

David glanced at the spot where Wyndham died. Or at least at the spot on the pattern where Wyndham was absorbed by the necrotic pattern sword. David had a sudden revelation, and a strength returned to him.

Killing Wyndham was the right thing to do. David never really liked the man, not because he smelled of cheese and wine, but because he was so distant and disconnected from things. But David surmised that this was just a mirror into his own soul. He had become distant, and had flip flopped on occasion, when it suited his needs. But now he can understand his real needs; the death of the traitor Wyndham taught him that much.

The pattern must be saved, and Osiric and Sh’Shari must be stopped, a side must be and has already been chosen. This is David’s destiny. David would prefer that these forces remain, and that a peaceful coexistance come into being. But this may not happen, and David prepared himself for the road that lay ahead.

David’s mind drifted to the Necrotic sea that he had been trapped in for mere moments. Only after dragging his soul through Clement’s soul was he able to release himself from that pain. It would only take heartbeats for Wyndham to go insane before he died. One more soul for Osiric.

David did not laugh at his opponent, nor did he mock the traitor’s intentions. His heart was not glad that Wyndham had failed, nor was he proud of sending anyone to such a fate. However, he was happy that it was done, and he nodded an acknowledgement to the pattern, and to where Wyndham suffered the worst of all fates. Erased from time and space, and bonded to endless mindless servitude to the Dark Lord Osiric.

David knew he wasn’t a smart man, but at least he wasn’t as stupid as Wyndham. This thought made David smile a little, but the smile soon faded. If David killed the dumbest amberite…that would mean he would likely take the spot for dead last. He sighed, and his eyes caught Finn’s for a second. It would take some time to regain Finn’s trust, but this work must be done. His honor needed to be restored.



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