Dreaming in the Real

Miserable Vermin

Why, dear journal, do I associate with Louts? Mother was right, Amber is full of fools and degenerates. Mouth breathers one and all. When the Revolution comes, I will be sure to keep them alive. They will exist to amuse me. Like reality Television on the Shadow Earth. It’s quite good, I do not understand why the Shadows there are against it. Bah! Everyone but Mother and I are fools! Even the UnReal shadows.

Well, idiocy continued to follow this group of hobos. While I gathered my Vampiric and Zombie forces in service to Osric they trundled about, lost and alone. Whenever I see them I swear I can almost hear circus music in the background.

Rather than doing the intelligent thing and trying to find how I got out of the room they just wandered away, weeping into their hands. I suppose I shouldn’t insult them too much. The one who’s in love with his Mother is the only one who appears to be even semi-literate and he wasn’t there.

The angry one kept trying to contact his father and finally got through to him via the awful cards. I gatherer that his father let him in, he met some Lords of Chaos and they had a chat, finally about something interesting. Me! The father wisely kept his own council and send them on their way.

They chatted incessantly about nothing… Gods Above, if there’s any way to succeed at this it will be wonderful to unweave them.

The one who is Sexually Attracted to the Tailor and that Tree goes to visit the tree. I imagine they had some degenerate interaction. I am to understand that the Tree easily out-thought them all.

The Woman whined. No one cared.

I did much more fun things! I sent pockets of Zombie’s into Amber! Then Vampires! I specifically send Vampires to the Tailors house. Maybe I can make the Tree Lover cry! That would be fun at least!!

The chuckleheads return and they headed right for the Tailors (even when they were told not to.)

Amazingly, the Tree Lover was struck from the sky.

Castle Amber was locked down, but, in typical Amber fashion, no one thought to guard the servants entrance. I broke in. That’s where I am right now. I’ll just take a moment to gratify myself and then pop down to the Pattern room and rewrite Amber. Nothing will go wrong now!



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