Dreaming in the Real

Game Log 5 - 6

As the group dealt with the aftermath of the Moon Rider attack on Random, the King redirected (dare we say randomized?) them with a new task: locating Flora, who had gone missing after being sent to Shadow Earth on a dual mission; to ramp up gun manufacture in light of the security situation, and to protect the Jewel of Judgement, with which she had been entrusted. Random suspects a security leak within the Royal Family, given that no one outside that circle had knowledge of Flora’s mission. It was not immediately evident which part of her mission resulted in her disappearance. She had also been tasked with restoring gun production on Shadow Earth.

David and Finn made some preparations of their own, and then we gathered at the Castle with traveling supplies and mounts for our trip to Shadow Earth. Our plan was to approach Flora’s residence somewhat indirectly, in case the location was under surveillance.

After an uneventful trip through Shadow, we arrived in a settlement near Flora’s home on Earth. It was the sort of village known as a “suburb,” which linguistically indicates that it should be below ground or at least downhill from a larger settlement.

Given the technological nature of the Shadow, we decided to send our horses back to Amber so as to remain inconspicuous. This left us with a transportation issue, so to resolve that as well as the question of our precise location relative to Flora’s home, we approached a dwelling. The occupants were unwilling to speak with us, so we tried another. The locals there were willing to speak with us, and we learned our location was called Phallic Hills, and was a few miles from Flora’s residence.

The locals also allowed us to use one of their communication devices to summon transport. Travel to Flora’s from there was as simple as giving the cab driver the coordinates.

On arrival at Flora’s, Finn and David undertook to scout the premises. Unfortunately, an alarm was triggered, so we were forced to fall back to contingency plans. Finn and David set about arranging a diversion, by using the body of the driver to create the appearance that he was the cause of the alarm.

When it became apparent that security forces were responding to the alarm, I Walked with Sarah to a nearby shadow to wait. Finn and David enacted the next stage of their plans, Finn investigating the house, David sowing panic. This went very well, as I understand it.

[This is where David randomly killed the neighbors, then some cops, then pretended to have been captured by a gay terrorist to hold the cops off. Confusion was definitely sown.]

I received a very faint Trump contact from Flora that cut out before anything could be said. After regrouping, we determined to attempt a group Trump attempt to contact Flora. There was considerable interference of a mysterious nature, but we did establish faint contact. We determined that she had been abducted, was in an area known as “the middle east” near some sort of war zone, and were instructed to “Find the rings!” before the interference overwhelmed the connection.

Finn returned to Flora’s home, searching for these rings, as well as clues as to who abducted her, or other information. He did find her black book, and took part of a technological device used to store and manipulate information. Most importantly, he found one ring, which it appeared Flora had performed some Pattern manipulation around to make likely that one of us would find it.

This ring appeared to be part of a construct that was made of three parts that need to be connected. Sarah read its history, and learned that it had been left behind when someone stole Flora’s jewelry collection. Sadly we were stymied in identifying the thief.

In order to facilitate investigation within the Shadow, we enacted several plans to garner local resources. Finn made a detour to Amber to ask Random for local currency. David investigated other avenues to collect resources [by making himself a Youtube STAR!].

Sarah and I traveled to a local “mall” to locate assistance with extracting data from Flora’s “hard drive” from her “computer.” We were directed to a fruit-themed establishment, and Sarah concocted a ruse based on female vulnerability to elicit aid. I’m baffled that such a thing works, but it did, quite well. A young man named Danny was able to show us how to transfer information from Flora’s device to one we could access, but we still had the issue of local currency. Fortunately Finn arrived with the money from Random, and we were able to purchase the device. Sarah convinced Danny to help her access the “encrypted” information using devices at his home. Finn and I joined her at Danny’s residence after she had incapacitated him with drink.

From Danny’s apartment, I scryed around for traces of the other rings to match the one found at Flora’s. I located one in a pawn shop not far away, which Finn went to investigate.

In the meantime, David’s plan to acquire local resources culminated in his capture by local authorities. I received a Trump contact from their representative General Brigandine, who seemed to operate under some paranoid and possibly megalomaniac delusions. We were unable to reach an understanding, but I did deactivate my Pattern lens as a gesture of good faith.

Session 6:

We combined our talents for a group Trump to David, discovering him drugged and shackled in a laboratory. Finn went through the connection to attempt to free him, but was unable to do so before guards arrived. There was considerable interference with the Trump contact, apparently caused by technological devices employed by his captors. Their monitoring of our activity likely taught them even more about the nature of Trump, sadly.

David was able to escape by tapping into some sort of energy field in apparently the same fashion that the Oleai/MoonRiders use to travel. He was stranded by the technique, but encountered Lord Tenser, who appears to be monitoring us all in order to track Finn. Tenser was kind enough to help David return to Amber, where he clothed himself and then returned to us. Finn also escaped the facility and rejoined us in Danny’s apartment.

We decided to take advantage of some assumptions about us shared by the locals of the shadow, namely that we are “aliens.” In their context, this presumes we are from a remote section of their shadow, possibly another planetary body, and that our abilities are based on more advanced technology.

On that basis, Danny was able to communicate with other locals who monitor government activity around that topic, learning that they were aware of David’s capture & imprisonment at Area 51, and footage of his exploits in pursuit of local resources.

We also found a photograph of General Brigandine, which David passed to Bleys, along with his psychic impression of the General, so that a Trump of the General could be made.

Based on Sarah’s viewing of the thief who stole Flora’s jewelry, we found his name and residence; Matt Blanchard, of Queens, New York, convicted petty thief. Danny drove us to his residence to confront him.

At Blanchard’s home, Finn captured him, and Sarah interrogated him to discover if he had the third ring. He had kept it intending to use it in a courtship ritual. When his intended arrived, Sarah implied she and Blanchard were romantically connected. Finn also injured Blanchard as punishment for his theft. We retrieved the ring, and confiscated Blanchard’s other loot as well.

We contacted General Brigandine by “phone” which was largely fruitless, but he did offer indirect confirmation of the involvement of a group known as the “Russian Mafia” in Flora’s affairs.

We pursued contact with one of Flora’s contacts, Ivan Tangorish, to ascertain if he had been involved in her abduction. Despite some difficulties convincing him to meet with unknown persons, we were able to arrange a meeting. Sarah was able to read him, concluding that his contacts with Flora had been professional, and he bore her no ill will. It seems unlikely that he personally or through associates had any part in her abduction.

After returning to Danny’s, we attempted another group Trump contact with Flora. Finn opted to remain apart, out of an excess of caution that proved entirely reasonable; some Trump trickery disrupted the concert of our attempt, splitting us into separate contacts, whereupon someone used the contact David was attempting to dominate him psychically. Fortunately Finn was free to subdue David.



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