Dreaming in the Real

Game Log 4

How not to Use a Pattern Sword!

To start things off:
Jericho and Sarah are heading to shadow Earth
Finn, David and Clement are in Castle Amber

Jericho and Sarah find themselves in a cave somewhere in Louisiana looking at a broken pattern where Jericho informs Sarah of his plans to make the broken pattern whole.
Knowing his limits, Jericho trumps Clement, the resident non-Fiona pattern master and confers with him about pattern. Jericho then brings up his broken pattern lens and examines the area, then decides he needs a Jewel of Judgment so he conjures one up. He produces a large and rather gaudy diamond. Turning to Clement, he asks how the Jewel of Judgment is used. Satisfied for the moment, he ends the trump with Clement then trumps Lord Byron where he and Sarah trump to a fixed logrus shadow. Not having any luck with his plans, Jericho now trumps David and he pulls the two of them through to his rather bland and dark room in Castle Amber. Clement, in need to heal up from previous “adventuring” is not healthy enough to help Jericho. So the ever impatient Jericho, with Davids magical assistance, wants to necrotically heal Clement so he can aid in his devious plans. Davis trumps Finn and Jericho trumps Clement and soon all are in David’s rooms.

To Central Park our band of adventurers go! Finn proceeds to “aquire” a couple of shadow dwellers so David can heal up Clement. With success, Finn then hides the volunteers lifeless bodies up in a tree then the group shadow walks to the broken pattern. Here Jericho admits to his desires to merge Pattern and Logrus and how fixing the broken pattern will give him a whole pattern to use in his diabolical scheme! Jericho walks the cracks of the broken pattern and Sarah tries to read it with out touching it. Then with more bravado than intelligence, Jericho walks the Pattern part of the broken Pattern and quickly finds himself with an impassible crevasse in front of him. Clement trumps Jericho, trying to assist and Sarah steps in on of the cracks. Clement then brings up his lens and Sarah mysteriously gets knock down over the pattern “by her little friend” and crosses three lines (which should be very bad) yet remains uninjured. Davis then thinks about retracing the broken pattern with his sword. Realizing he can not go through Jericho without going through Jericho, he hands his pattern sword to Jericho. With the Pattern Sword in hand, Jericho slowly makes his way to the middle of the Pattern and feels the new necrotic void within him, the price of using the sword. Clement again brings up his lens and see Jericho wrapped in the Warped Pattern. Jericho, now bring warped, feels the hunger for true Pattern and warns Clement not to come near, or a snack he will become.

Clement and Finn trump (worried about the consequences of what just happened) back to Amber to inform Random of what just happened. Random tells the two young Amberites to gather up Fiona, Gerard and Lewella to aid in their dilemma. With the Elders collected, Clement trumps David and the group returns to the scene of poor judgment. Fiona shoots a bolt of Pattern energy into Jericho to feed the hunger within. Jericho, hunger temporarily satiated, teleports next to David and returns his sword. The group then goes outside the cave and discusses the situation, including what to do with a pattern hungry Jericho on the loose. Fiona exits a few minutes later and informs the group of an attack on Random.

Finn trumps to Amber and runs to Randoms office and is immediately followed by David and Clement. Jericho trumps Flora and he and Sarah pass through to Flora in Castle Amber. Random had been attacked by “Moon Raiders” and a few of them where killed in the attack. David calls upon his necrotic magic and talks to the deceased enemy. The Moon Rider talks of the Son of the Sunset Lord and of his genocide of the Moon Riders. He also spoke of his destiny with Sh’Shari and how they rode the waves to get here. Sarah, having arrived here at some point, scold David about wanting to get her killed. Finn then trumps Benedict trying to convince him of the return of the Moon Riders, to little avail.

Jericho turns into a Raven and flies off to Lord Byron where they discuss metaphysics and what Jericho did on Shadow Earth. David trumps Delwin looking for answers. The group realizes that David is the son of Osric. David then tells the group about his “episodes” and how everything is starting to come together when another “episodes” occurs. David, then turns to Sarah and her amazing insight and together they learn that David’s mother is Ollei and he remembers the disc his mom left him. He uses the disc and see’s a person named Galen talking to a woman. David then shares this latest vision with the group about how Pattern burned and destroyed the Ollei.

The group then discusses following up with the dead servant. Jericho asks Sarah to read him and he learns he was “re-birthed” when he died walking the Broken Pattern. Finn and Sarah then go to the morgue and examine the dead servant and discover that he was Ollei too. The group then discusses Sarah’s previous rant and determine David is the Touchstone. Finn then picks Random’s locked desk drawer and takes the trump of the Helmwind Ambassador.

Here ends session 4.



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