Dreaming in the Real

Game 8

Battle with Sh'Shari

At the beginning of the game:
Clement is studying the Jewel of Judgement with his mother back in Amber.
David is looking for his trumps back in the Elf world.
Sara and Finn are in Afghanistan.

David is not successful in finding his lost trumps from the happy elves, despite his best efforts. After meeting with successive failures, he shadow walks back to the rendezvous point.

After some preparation, we call in for re-inforcements! Benedict and Julian appear, and Julian brings 6 Rangers with him. Tactical positions are taken, and we await for the arrival of Sh’Shari.

Diplomacy goes bad when Finn opens up with his AK-47. One of the moonriders turns into a giant dinosaur, and lucky for Julian he gets to fight it!!

Galen makes a B- line for David, and for the entire fight, both combatants try not to injure one another. But this ties up David for the entire fight.

Sara runs away in panic.

Wyndham shadow walks out of there.

Finn disappears.

Benedict fights Sh’Shari who has an annoying shield that messes with time and space.

Since Clement is one of the only visible combatants, he gets the joy of fighting a sorceror one on one!! Go Clement!

Finn manages drugs the dinosaur with a bag of happy dust. Sadly, the dinosaur coughs this up on Julian too and some comedy ensues. Finn later poisons Sh’Shari by dropping the poison above her head, and it eventually falls on her. Benedict uses this same tactic and picks up a boulder and tosses it over her head. Realizing she’s been had, Sh’shari vanishes like a wussy.

The other moonriders disengage in haste.

After the battle, there is much confusion. Two of the rangers are dead, and David heals the 4 that remain (with white magic!!) Wyndham ends up going back to Amber and stealing the Jewel of Judgement. Fiona links with Clement to search for Flora, and we find a clear path to where she is being held. The dinosaur runs off, and destroys a villiage.

David uses his pattern sword and carves into the rock. “Just another Battle, General Brigandine. Nice planet, think we may stay.”

The group, minus Sara and Wyndham, go to a villiage, where David then assumes his Angellic form. We by-pass the guards without a fight and we finally rescue Flora. We go back to Amber…we discuss David’s origin (Father was Osiric, mother was Sh’Tora). And something about the Jewel of Judgement being stolen by Wyndham.

Most importantly, Bandy has finished my General’s jacket, and so we celebrate victory at the White Pony in style.



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