Dreaming in the Real

Betrayal in Flame and Infamy

Session 11

The group starts out in the Chaosian Ambassadors now vacant quarters.

It doesn’t take long for action to hit when Finn is sucked up by the house. As the group tries to figure out what happened and how to reconcile with the house, Sarah asks the house to “eat me”. Fortunate for he, the house is not dirty and swallows her. I’m sure her voice was hoping that would have been directed towards “horseman”

Now with two members of the group within the confines of the house, Lina tries to electrify the house, to no avail. She then psychically links with the house and talks to it while Sarah listens in. With conversation going poorly, Lina opens all her inner voices with the link to the house. When Sarah hears this she in a a sign of desperation, asks her voice for help in getting her and Finn out. Lina then notices a large Lovecraftian type creature and in fear tries to burn in down. All this taking place in a mental link. The effect on the creature was not what she had hoped, but she managed to set fire to the house which then spit out Sarah and Finn.



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